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Intro: years ago an older saint told me that if you will go to Hebrews that you will find that God wants all of us to plant a let-us garden. In this garden are the secrets to a victorious life in Christ. Tonight, let’s dig into Hebrews and study God’s let-us garden.

God’s Let-Us Garden


4:1—let us fear or be on the alert—if you want to live a victorious Christian life, stay alert at all times. Be continually on guard for spiritual lapses.

· Don’t come up short—don’t miss out on all that God has for you. The writer of Hebrews is stating that many people miss out on God’s best for their lives. This is an encouragement to do a daily check-up, keep a watch on your spiritual thermometer.

· Make sure you are mixing faith with the Word of God. It is one thing to read it, it is another thing to claim it, stand on the word, believe the promises of God for your life.

Ill) in Maine I would go on trout fishing trips with my uncles. I would set the alarm, but it seemed most of the time I would wake up before it would go off. If you are excited about the things of God, you won’t hit the snooze button when there is an opportunity for the Lord.

4:16—let us boldly approach God—there is grace and mercy waiting at the throne of God for everyone. You can obtain blessings from God if you will ask for them. Many people have not, because they ask not.

Many times people use God as a last resort. It is the attitude, well I have done everything I know to do, I might as well give God a try. But God wants to be first choice, top of the list. You generally approach the one you are closest to in the time of need.

6:1-let us go on—here is an encouragement to grow on in God. Don’t get stuck in neutral, don’t spend your life on first base, God has so much more for you if you will pursue, He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek after Him.

God is building a kingdom not a nursery. God encourages us to grow, God wants spiritual maturity to be developed in our lives.

10:22-24 Let us draw near with full assurance—God wants us to be close, He wants us to have confidence in His abilities.

Let us hold on to our profession of Christ—don’t let your experience die, don’t let the fountain run dry—over-come by your testimony, keep the first love, keep the fire blazing, hold on and don’t let go.

Let us consider one another—the word consider in greek is that of encouraging one another to live for God, to run the race, to live for Christ.

We need to encourage one another, when someone comes to church those that are spiritual are to lift those who are weak.

12:1-let us lay aside—the greek here means to travel light, don’t go around with extra baggage. A lot of people lose out with Christ because of extra baggage.

ESPN-has a made for television movie called, “four minutes.” It is the Roger Bannister story, the first man to break the four minute mile. For years it was said to be humanly impossible for any man to break that barrier. We live in a world that states it is impossible to live for God, that the race is too hard and the road to long. But if we lay aside the weights, we can easily run the race for God.

13:15—let us offer the sacrifice of praise continually—the last key to spiritual victory in our lives is to live a life of praise. If the devil can kill your song, if he can steal your joy, if he can cause you to hang your harp in the willow trees, you will be defeated.

Over the years I have seen people come into services spiritual drained, at the point of despair, but as people have offered up the sacrifice of praise, God has refreshed, and renewed them for the battles of life.

Close: plant a let-us garden and watch your spiritual life grow.

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