Summary: God’s tru love for humanity is demonstrated in the death of His Son on the cross

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God’s love and ours 1 John

“I like you” he said shyly

“I like you too” she responds

Encouraged, he added “I like you more than I said”

“Me, too”, she murmurs blushing

“I love you”, he blurts

“What? She asks breathlessly

“Nothing” he mutters.

“Go on, say it,” she urges

“Ojay, but don’t laugh. I love you.”

“I love you too”. She says smiling.

Bells ring, fireworks explode. Another romance has blossomed. What a wonderful thing love is. Everywhere you go, every magazine you turn to will give you advice on how to get in love, to stay in love, to keep that feeling of love, some of them will even try and advise you how you can love 2 people at the same time. Countless pop songs have been written about it. Countless books are aimed at helping people find it, and the media would have people think that life is not complete without it.

But in all these things people are looking in the wrong place. They are looking at shadows, counterfeits, poor reflections of a deeper reality. I will put it to you today that you can spend all your time looking for love on a horizontal dimension around at others – but you will never truly be able to find what you seek.

Tonight we will be thinking about God’s love and ours.

In tonights passage we see the famous words “God is love”

Many people say “I don’t see God’s love in the world”

I see wars, famines, stories of young people being raped. Where is your God of love. And it is good and right for people to ask questions. If the Bibel says God is love we ned evidence and proof of that. “Come on God – show us your love?”

Suppose I was to come up to you and told you that I never speak to my wife at home, I never remember her birthday, I never do anything to help her round the house, and I never say thankyou to her for all the things she does – but I were to tell you that “I really do love her”

What would you say to me?

Only way thay someone know they are loved/cared is by that they that they do and how they treat us. Love is only any good if it is put into action. Only way Jayne will know that she is loved is if I do spend time with her, I do remember her birthday, I do help around the house, and I do say thankyou for all the things she does for me.

Accoridng to John something absolutely amazing has happened. Something so amazing has happened that no-one will ever be able to doubt God’s love again. Something that demonstrates really what true love is.

That to everyone who all say “Come on God show us your love” – will be silenced. John is saying

‘If you want to know where God’s love is and how to experience it, open your ears.’

This is how God showed his love among us – read vs 9 & vs 10

John is saying that God’s love and actually “true love” is seen by him sending His Son to die.

Yet how strange and bizarre – how can the death of Jesus make a difference.”

Imagine I was walking Jayne was walking along a riverbank with me and I were to say “Jayne – I love you so much – you are my true sweetheart – and I want to demonstrate my love to you so that you will know how true it is.”

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