Summary: No one outside of the Love of Christ will survive.

What if you don’t know what to say? Say nothing? …Speak about Love. Comfort others with God’s Word. Enlighten them to the future. Bring up Gods wonderful Grace. The Power of His Might. The hedge of protection we have in Him.

Isaiah 4:2-4 “Those whose names are written down to escape the destruction of Jerusalem will be washed and rinsed of all their moral filth by the horrors and the fire. They will be God’s Holy people. And the land will produce for them its lushest bounty and its richest fruits. Then the Lord will provide shade on all Jerusalem- over every home and all its public grounds- a canopy of smoke and cloud throughout the day, and clouds of fire by night, covering the Glorious Land, protecting it from daytime heat and from rains and storms.”

Churches aren’t perfect.

Pastors aren’t perfect. Congregations aren’t perfect.

Sunday school teachers aren’t perfect.

Deacons aren’t perfect. …But, Jesus Christ is!

Jesus Christ is the perfect Son of God and He said, “I give you a new commandment- Love each other just as I have Loved you.” and “Your love for each other will prove that you are my disciples.”

To love one another was not a new commandment. But in order to drive Satan out of your church and out of your life we must not only love one another, we must love one another just like Christ loved us, …unconditionally.

Jesus knows exactly what we will do to hurt him yet he still loves you unconditionaly, and will still forgive you whenever you ask him for it.

In Christ, there is no bickering, jeolousy, or division. Jesus was a living example of God’s love and we are to be living examples of Christ’s love.

Paul said, “If I could talk in tongues, prophesy; if I had the gift of faith, if I gave everything to the poor, even if I was burned alive for preaching the Gospel, it would be worth nothing without love.

“It’s harder to love than you think!” I agree.

But not if you are influenced by the Holy Spirit. Those who are always jeolous, bitter, selfish and rude. Satan has an influence in your life. Even control.

What do I do if Satan is in my life?

*Cast him out! …In the name of Jesus Christ.

You must denounce Satan and ask Jesus Christ to come into your heart.

You may be a member of a church.

You may be baptized. etc, etc. but, if you die without Christ… your next vision will be horrifying! Jesus spoke on Hell as much as any subject.

No one outside of the Love of God will survive. No one outside of the Love of Jesus will ever see true beauty, and Glory. No one outside of the Love of God will come to know the Peace that passes all understanding, or the Joy that floods the soul.

Christians – true, blood bought, robe washed, Christians will be protected by God.

When you die or are raptured, -your mark will be your Holiness. Not your wealth.

Not how smart you are. Not who you know in this life, but it is your faith in Jesus Christ, obeying his Word. This will set you free.

In the Old Testament, ZION was the fortress of Jerusalem. In the New Testament, ZION is the coming Kingdom. The heavenly Jerusalem, the eternal dwelling place of God and His people. He will cleanse the bloodstains by a spirit of judgement and fire and only those who prevail will be sheltered.

Things will not always continue as they are. God will put an end to all evil and Gods followers will spend eternity with Him.

Division in a church is not good. Some day there will be No division. Heretics in the church is not good. Some day there will be only God’s children in the Kingdom. Alleluia!

Jesus Christ, when he went to the cross carried all your hatred and all your doubt, all your pain and all your fears with him. When Jesus said, “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” He was not only speaking about the Romans. He was also speaking about you and me. We all played a part in putting Christ to death. And every time we turn away from Him we drive the nails deeper into his hands.

Hebrews 6:6 says, ”they are crucifying Him again, and subjecting him to public disgrace.” If this sounds like you, STOP IT.

Your Love for each other will prove that you are disciples of Jesus Christ.

And God will put a hedge of protection around you.

R. Neal Gracey, Deacon

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