Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: WITNESS


Text: Amos 7:4-9

God’s plumb line is not always what ours is.

a. We judge a man by what we see and visibly make an opinion of whether or not he is successful.

b. I want to take a look at how God measures things and if I have measured up to the plumb line He puts on my life.

c. If the lost were lined up by our front door the line of lives would reach thirty times around the world. This

line grows by 20 miles a day. If you would drive 50 mph

for ten hours a day, it would take you four years and forty days to get to the end of the line of lost humanity; and when you got there, it would have grown!

" I believe in revival, but I do not believe I will stand back and watch the awesome display of God in the earth. I must get my hands dirty and my face bathed in sweat. God will then bless the labor of my hands. I must do what I’m supposed to do!

e. Last year, Americans spent $22 billion on liquor, $16 billion on drugs, $10 billion on cosmetics, $5 billion on dog food and $4 billion on cat food; but all churches and religious groups combined worldwide spent less than $1 billion. We spent five times as much on our dogs as we did on reaching the lost. We must change our directions, or we will just spin our wheels until Jesus comes !

! This Bible commands me to be a witness! I can’t find Scripture that compels me to be a soul-winner. When I got liberated from the complex of being a failure, it was glorious. God called me to be a witness! Now when someone I witness to doesn’t come to church, I walk out saying I have succeeded. I gave them the gospel of Jesus Christ! It is not the program, but it is the person. The devil wants to bring you down.

f. They will put a man on trial for the murder of his wife and threaten to send that man to death. What they really are looking for is someone who saw it happen. We can’t under-estimate the power of a witness! They will send someone to the electric chair on the basis of a person’s witness. God ordained it! Our world wants to hear a witness!

Get off of excuses and witness to everybody you find. Then God will send the revival we’ve been talking about for all these years. Put legs on what we feel. We have the whole city who hasn’t heard about this.

God puts success in you. You are successful when you do what God calls you to do! When you tell everyone you find, you are successful! Sow your seed! Sow your seed!

You got it free. Give it to them freely! If I give them everything I have and they reject, I am still a success! Joshua 1:8 "...thou shalt have good success." God’s measuring stick is not my measuring stick!

I believe there are times that God measures a church. When Truth begins to be questioned and old ideas begin to be re-examined. We used to preach against many things, but is it really important today? I believe God pulls out His plumb line and says, We’d better measure this thing." The sad part is, when God walks away, they will continue to believe they are what they always were.

2 Cor 12:7

7 And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.


Eph 4:7

7 But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ.

Eph 4:13

13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:


Rev 11:

1 And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein.


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