Summary: Because Christ is a righteous Judge, your sin must be forsaken or it will be judged.

I. Be involved in uprooting arrogant pride from your heart! v. 1-4

A. Arrogant pride continues to rule in man’s heart (2-4).

1. Problem #1 – A pursuit for security through disobedience.

2. Problem #2 – A passion for greatness through personal pride.

B. Humble obedience to God must rule in man’s heart.

1. Don’t plant seeds of evil in your heart!

2. Don’t give the devil a foothold!

II. Be active in bringing glory to Him! v. 5-8

A. God’s command was clear! (9:1)

B. Man’s disobedience was clear! (5-6)

1. The Lord is active in His creation. 2. The Lord will restrain man’s evil.

III. Be an eternal memorial for His glory. v. 7-9

A. God dispersed the nation because man was being lifted up. (7-8)

1. He cuts back the progression of sin.

2. He establishes a memorial that He rules.

B. God will bring nations together because Christ is being lifted up. (Rev. 7:9-10)

1. People of every nation will be brought together.

2. People of every nation will worship Him.

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