Summary: Ps. 6:2

God has mercy on us when we don’t do what he tells us to do.

God gives us many chances when we mess up in life.

Every time we mess up in life God will give us another chance.

A lot of the times that we mess up it is because we didn’t listen to God.

He knows that we will try to go along with our friends at times, even if it isn’t right.

God knows that sometimes we will breakdown and go against his will.

He knows this because he created us, and he knows we are not perfect.

So even when we follow our friends doing the wrong thing God still gives us another chance.

When God forgives us it doesn’t matter what other people say.

When God forgives us that is all that really matters.

It doesn’t matter what other people say about what we have done after God forgives us.

We should only care about doing what’s right for God, and doing what our friends do.

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