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Summary: We sometimes need to develop a "holy hard headedness" to be used as a witness to the hard hearted people who God calls His own children.


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Pastor James May


Ezekiel 2:3-3:11

Sunday, December 01, 2002 AM

Surely we are living in a time when God is doing everything He can to reach out to the souls of men. Those of us who are called and chosen of God to bring the message of the Gospel to whole world have a feeling that we are coming down to the last hours of the last day of the Age of the Gentiles. Looking at our newspapers and TV news we both quake in dread for the things that are coming upon this world and we shout with great anticipation of the soon coming of our Lord to take His Bride away.

As I watch the news I am often reminded of the condition of the church. In every church, across America today, those people who are called by the name of Jesus and who claim to be Christians are gathering. Just as you and I came to church this morning, they are in God’s House and God is wondering why many of them are even there.

As you look around, and look inside your own motives and your own heart, can you say, with all honesty, that you came to church this morning expecting a mighty move of God in your heart and life and that you are hungry and searching for more of Him?

I think that all too often we come to church, sit in God’s House, at his dinner table and then refuse to eat what He has set before us because we don’t like the taste of it.


Our attitude toward God’s table, and God’s Word, reminds me of the little kids, and sometimes, not-so-little kids, who refuse to each their spinach, or mustard greens or most types of vegetables because they are too used to eating the sweet tasting junk food.

There are too many Christians who live on the junk food of the Word of God! They love the teaching on prosperity, faith, miracles of healing and deliverance, of the outpouring of the blessings of God upon their live, of the promises that God will deliver us through every trial and temptation, and the power of the Blood of Jesus to cleanse us from all sin.

But, like those little kids who refuse to eat their “greens”, we refuse to take that part of God’s Word that makes us feel bad or leaves a bad taste in our mouths, even though that part of God’s Word is often the spiritual food that we need the most to make us strong and healthy in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Ezekiel’s message was a lot like the message that the true ministers of the gospel and of the Word of God are trying to cram down the throats of the lukewarm Christians of our modern day church.

Sunday after Sunday, month after month, year after year, we sit in the presence of God in the sanctuary of His House, listening to the Word of God come forth, and yet there is so little difference that it makes in our lives because we refuse to it because of its bitter taste to our flesh.

Looking out over the church world and observing God’s People, it becomes all to obvious that most of them don’t really hear the message that God is trying to send out. They continue in their lukewarm condition, still doing the things they have always done, still going the places they have always gone and still living the same lifestyle that they always lived.

If you try to talk to them about the condition of their soul you find out that their heart is as hard as a rock. They have set their face like flint to go their own way and they don’t want anyone to tell them different. They don’t want to hear the truth much less obey it.

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