Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God has called us to be victorious, but learning and understanding how to fight is key for the believer.

 David, whose hands and fingers had been used for the shepherd’s crook, and to the handling of the harp and lyre, were also taught how to handle the sword, the bow, the shield and spear.

 We are in God’s army, and therefore serve under the greatest Commander of all time.

 We serve a strategic God who never does things haphazardly or by accident.

 The Lord furnishes His people, who are here to fight, with spiritual armor, to fight against their spiritual enemies; He teaches them how to put on and make use of every piece of that armor.

 God grants boldness to His warriors to face their enemies, and gives victory to His people.

 If we have strength we aren’t much better unless we also have skill.

 Untrained force is often an injury to the man who possesses it, and it even becomes a danger to those who are round about him.

 We need God to train us in warfare as much as we need the strength for warfare.


1. God’s method of warfare is designed to bring glory to Him.

o Our God is a jealous God and He will not allow for any person to be honored above Himself.

o His approach to warfare is that which will destroy the devil and prove to all that He is God.

o The warriors of God owe all glory to God for their military/warfare skill.

o It is an amazing thing when we find that we are able to do something we never could have envisioned ourselves doing. That is one of God’s ways of reminding us that it is His strength and not our own.

o 1 John 3:8 says that the reason Jesus Christ was to destroy the works of the devil. His crucifixion and resurrection glorified Him and no one else.

Ex: Gideon’s army

The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men for me to deliver Midian into their hands. In order that Israel may not boast against me that her own strength has saved her, announce to the people, ‘Anyone who trembles with fear may turn back and leave mount Gilead.’” Judges 7:2-3

2. God’s method of warfare is designed to cause His people to trust Him.

o God wants His people to be in a place to where they do not doubt Him, but understand that as their leader and God He will deliver them at the expense of their enemy.

o God desires that we truly believe His Word (Isaiah 54:17; 1 John 4:4; Romans 8:37-39; etc)

Ex: Jehoshaphat against Moab & Ammon (2 Chronicles 20:1-17)

3. God’s method of warfare is designed to cause His people to utilize what He has given them.

o Far too many people are constantly asking God for something they don’t have, when God is merely wanting us to use what He has already given.

o God is looking to train us to utilize those things He has already given to us.

o Philippians 3:12-16 – We gotta press on toward more, while at the same time using what we already have.

Ex: Moses and the children of Israel

a. Exodus 4:1-5 – God asks Moses what is in his hand. In essence, what do you have? Moses was arguing with God about what he lacked.

b. Exodus 14:10-28 – Moses was expecting God to show up and do something different and dramatic. God simply told Moses to do it himself and use what he already had.

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