Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Richard Dawkins, evolutionary biologist from Oxford University, wrote: “…if you meet somebody who claims not to believe in evolution, that person is ignorant, stupid or insane…” God's Word reveals that we are God's greatest creation.


A. In every RED CARPET interview of all the AWARDS shows on televisions, the interviewer will

invariably ask every FEMALE celebrity this important question: “What are you wearing?”


I am hoping one day that someone will simply answer, “Clothes.” But, no, they want the name of the DESIGNER.

As far as I know I have never worn any DESIGNER clothing . . . unless FADED GLORY from Wal-Mart counts, but I know that is important to some people. So from the RED CARPET interviews you hear names like: Armani, Klein, Versace, Ralph Lauren, and so on. I am sure that those are important names in the FASHION INDUSTRY.

B. Of course, the greatest of all DESIGNERS is God Himself- Genesis 2:7 (READ & COMMENT)

1. Now before ADAM was CREATED, there was a DIVINE CONFERENCE that took place.

a. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, came together and said, “Let US make MAN in OUR image” – Genesis 1:26.

b. There is no RECORD of this DIVINE MEETING taking place before anything else that was CREATED—including all the ANIMALS. The CREATION of MAN was going to be UNIQUE.

2. Please understand that God DESIGNED each one of us just exactly as He pleases for His own perfect

purposes...the purposes He has planned for our lives.

a. Now, that bothers some people. Maybe it bothers you.


Some people rebel against the God who MADE them. They prefer to BELIEVE that we come from APES instead of a LOVING God who FASHIONED us with his HANDS and CREATED us in

His IMAGE and placed within us an ETERNAL SOUL.

b. Yet, David tells us that “God created man a little lower than the angels”- Psalm 8:5.


A preacher put it this way, “Evolution sees man as one step above apes. Scripture sees him as one step beneath angels.” Which would you prefer?

2. Others may believe that God CREATED them, but they don’t like the way they were MADE.


Some want to CHANGE their SEX. Some want to CHANGE their LOOKS. Some wish they were never BORN. I whole-heartedly believe that God has a PLAN for every single one of us. We just don’t always like His PLAN and go our own way.

3. Then there are those of us who are in AWE of God’s GREATEST CREATION—MANKIND.

C. David fits in that category. That’s why David’s Psalm 139 is a good place to go to learn more about God as our DESIGNER.

1. In the first six verses (vv. 1-6), we learn that God KNOWS us. He is OMNISCIENT—All-Knowing. He knows absolutely everything about us down to the very tiniest details of our lives. Nothing is HIDDEN from Him.

2. In the next six verses (vv. 7-12), we learn that God is always with us. He is OMNIPRESENT— EVERYWHERE all at the SAME TIME. Wherever we GO, He’s always THERE.


Some might be thinking, “Well, this is all fine and good. These are nice thoughts. But how do we know they are true?” David answers, “We know they are true because God made us. Only a

God who made us can know us so completely and thoroughly and want to be with us all the time.”

3. These truths lead us to the next aspect of the great DESIGNER, His OMNIPOTENCE. He is ALL-POWERFUL. And we see that POWER through God’s CREATION, and especially His magnificent DESIGN of you and me.



A. The source of our being: we were CREATED and DESIGNED by God.

1. According to EVOLUTION, human beings are the end product of a chance collision of molecules.

a. Mankind came into EXISTENCE purely because of a mindless and unplanned ACCIDENT of nature.

b. Someone has referred to this kind of thinking as being “From Goo To You by Way of the Zoo”


According to this kind of thinking you and I are not that much different from the BIRDS in the sky or FISH in the sea, or the SLUG in the mud, or an AMOEBA in the waters. We’re all pretty much the result of the same PURPOSELESS interaction of ATOMS. Thus, we really have no INTRINSIC value. No VALUE to really speak of that sets us APART from the rest of the world.

In fact, if it’s between an UNBORN CHILD and an EAGLE’S EGG for instance, the HATCHING of that EAGLE is more important to our government than the BIRTH of that BABY.

But what do we EXPECT if we were a MINDLESS ACCIDENT just like any other LIVING CREATURE and not CREATED and DESIGNED in the IMAGE of an INFINITE LOVING God for His PURPOSE?

2. David said that “God CREATED us, He FORMED us, He DESIGNED us.”

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