Summary: This Message foucses upon the peace of God

A few weeks ago while in India I was asked to share several message to the believers of Delhi, India. Encouraging them to continue to stand strong for Christ- Standing and staying strong even in the midst of pain and suffering. I was told to share using the simple clear Bible stories found through the word. With the hope that after hearing a story they could share that story with someone who could also share.

After searching the Bible and praying for wisdom, God showed me what he wanted shared, and over the next two weeks I wanted to share with you that same simple message.

If You have your Bibles turn with me to Matthew Chapter 14 beginning in verse 22.

The disciples had just experienced an incredible miracle- 5000 people were fed- A hungry mass went to bed full- perhaps for the very first time. After such an incredible event the disciples were instructed by Jesus to get back into their boats and cross the lake. Jesus heads up the mountain to pray while the disciples cross the lake. Dejected and alone the disciples fought strong winds and heavy waves. In fact the weather turned very dangerous for the disciples. In the midst of the storm the disciples saw something move, Something that seemed to be moving toward them. Immediately they screamed in horror, They thought it was a ghost. Seeing and hearing their fear Jesus shouts to them, It’s all right… I am here… Don’t be afraid.

In the midst of their storm, in the midst of their fear, in the midst of their loneliness and exhaustion… Jesus shouts… It’s all right… I am Here

This morning what storm are you facing? What worries are clouding your eyes and robbing your joy?

When it comes to worry, “If we don’t have a job, we worry about it. If we do have a job, we worry about losing it. If we don’t have a car, we worry about it. If we do have a car, we worry about it breaking down. If we don’t have any money, we worry about it. If we do have some money, we worry about losing it."

“If we are not married, we worry about it. If we are married, we worry about keeping our mate. If we don’t have an education, we worry about it. If we do have any education, we worry if it’s enough. If we are sick, worry about it. If we are not sick, we worry about getting sick.”

So again what storm is facing you? God already knows. You may keep your pain from everyone else masking it with a smile. But God knows. He knows the status of your marriage, the hardships faced by your children and grandchildren, the grief that comes with a loss, financial trouble, medical crisis, doubts, fears, depression, frustration… Whatever you are facing… Wherever you are at… Whatever storm you are facing he knows. And sense he already knows why not invite him to join you in the midst of your storm, in the midst of your pain… Allowing Jesus Christ, to say to you… It’s all right… I am here.

Accepting the peace that is ours for the taking simply because we are a child of the King… Simply because Jesus is our Lord and Savior…

Throughout the Bible we as believers as children of the King have been given many promises- Promises by God to us his children. Almost daily Faith will ask me Dad do you promise. Or I’ll say Faith today we are going to do this. In fact right know Faith is waiting on the fulfillment of a promise for her Dad to show her snow. So in a few weeks after our state evangelism conference we are going to go to a ski resort and I’m going to let her play in snow.

Faith also rests in the promise that at night if she gets scared or if during the day something goes wrong or she gets hurt that her mom and Dad are here- she is not alone.

The book of Philippians which is called the joy book is filled with promises for the children of God. Nestled in the middle of chapter four is an incredible promise asking an incredible impossible request from us.

Again if you have your bibles turn to Philippians chapter 4 verses 6-7.

Listen to how this promise begins…

Don’t worry about anything…

Wow! Is that even possible.

Someone once liken worrying to trying to put used toothpaste back into its tube… We can try and try but we will never accomplish our task…

Another described worrying as trying to take a saw and saw sawdust.

Worry grabs us and refuses to let go… Ever been feeling really good and all of a sudden you think about something that needs to be done, or something that is undone and all of a sudden your smile turns into a frown. Ever awaken in the middle of the night with irrational fear and worry. What if this happens or what if that happens. Worry will rob you of all your peace and joy. It will literally kill you.

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