Summary: Jeremiah points out three things God’s plan includes and gives us three responses that we are to have.

I. Introduction

a. This was a dark time in Israel’s History

i. Exile

ii. Jeremiah’s Letter (597 BC)

1. 3,023 Jews

b. God has Plans for our life.

c. What Does God’s Plan in include?

II. God’s Plan includes Prosperity

a. Prosperity does not mean “Financial Gain”

i. Verses 4-7

III. God’s Plan includes Protection

i. “Not to harm you”

ii. God is watching out for us.

iii. Many times we see God as out to get us.

IV. God’s Plan includes Promise (hope and future)

a. Promise is the Promised Land

i. Our hope is the promised land

b. The Promise was a promise not to annihilate them

V. Conclusion

a. Our reaction

i. Call on the Lord (12)

ii. Seek the Lord (13)

iii. Allow the Lord to Restore (14)

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