Summary: God is a powerful God, and God’s power is displayed in our lives and in our world.

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Psalm 91 “God’s Power In Your Life”


Power is displayed in different ways in the world. At times the brute force of war, or violence demonstrates it. Power can also be displayed through strong convictions and lives of convictions. People such as Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Mother Theresa are examples of this.

God demonstrates God’s power in our lives in a variety of ways, also.


It is attractive when God moves in supernatural ways. We long for reenactments of stilled storms, miraculous healings, and abundant provision. God still occasionally moves in such a manner, but more often God’s power is demonstrated in the manner talked about in this Psalm.

We experience God’s power when we reside in God’s shadow. In several Psalms, the writer expresses the experience of being in the shadow of God’s wings. God is pictured as a mother bird, spreading her wings over her brood, and protecting them from enemies.

God’s power is made known in our lives by God protecting us from those forces and things that would do us harm. We often think that God’s greatest desire is to keep us from financial difficulties, unpopularity, embarrassment and discomfort. These elements are not as high on God’s priority list as they are on ours. God powerfully moves in our lives to protect us from false belief, unbelief and the loss of hope. If we have these in our lives, we can withstand and overcome the challenges of life.


The Psalmist celebrates the fact that God is his fortress. This is a graphic picture of how God’s power is displayed in our lives.

God is our place of retreat and rest. When life gets to be too much for us, we are able to enter into God’s presence and experience God’s healing, restorative power in our lives.

A fortress is not only a place for rest and recuperation. A fortress is also a place of defense. When we are in God’s presence, our enemies cannot overcome us. They cannot defeat us.


For centuries, Christians have sung songs such as, “A Mighty Fortress is Our God,” and “Rock of Ages.” One of our favorite songs at the Seven is, “God is Our Rock.” These songs have meaning for us because they express how many of us experience God’s power in our everyday lives. God is our rock and we can celebrate that fact.


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