Summary: The gospel of Mark is answering the question who is Jesus? Mark 5 has miracles when two individual's world has crashed. Loss of hope, helplessness. some research from Bob Deffinbaugh 2004 and Rev. Ken Klaas phrases. Death is overcome. There is hope.

In Jesus Holy Name July 1, 2018

Text: Mark 5:22-24a Pentecost VI Redeemer

“God’s Power When Your World Crashes”

In last week’s gospel we saw Jesus quite a furious storm on the Sea of Galilee. The Disciples were amazed and asked: “What kind of man is this that even the wind and waves obey His voice?” It is “the question” everyone must answer.

When Mark wrote about the life history of Jesus he had one purpose in mind….to authenticate the claims of Jesus as the long awaited Messiah of Israel. Each of the miracles in Mark prove Jesus to be not only the Messiah, but Lord of all. As Lord of creation he quiets the storm. Eugene Petersen wrote: “Jesus spoke and the “wind ran out of breath” and the “sea became smooth as glass.” He is Lord over sickness and even death. The woman who simply touched his garment for healing, was healed of her medical condition. Jesus then raised from the dead the daughter of Jairus.

It is helpful to recall that in each of these cases the individuals were completely helpless and hopeless. There were no specialized hospitals like Stanford or UCSF. No insurance to help with the cost of medical care. The knowledge of Physicians in the 1st century was incapable of helping them.

The storm on the lake terrified experienced sailors. The woman had been seeing doctors for twelve years with only a worsening condition. The young girl was no longer ailing, but dead. In the most hopeless cases. When Jesus is present…, there was healing, deliverance, and salvation.

Not only does Mark demonstrate the power of our Lord Jesus, but he also reveals His person. What we see in these passages is not just that God is a God of infinite power, but that He is a God of infinite compassion and tenderness when your world crashes in on you. He is deeply touched by human needs. He is sensitive to our sufferings and trials in life.

Jairus was an official of the synagogue. He was a man of influence and prestige, but when he came to Jesus he did so as a desperate father

seeking to spare the life of his critically ill child. Jesus was not present at what

seemed to be the ideal time to deal with the illness of this child. He had crossed

over the Sea of Galilee and had not yet returned. Jarius, knowing that Jesus could have healed his daughter must have been wringing his hands and heart in worry. Jesus could help. He was not present. When is Jesus coming back? Did he drown in the storm?

Now that Jesus is back in Capernaum…. Jarius, standing on the dock. But there is another very large crowd. He must quickly find Jesus and ask for His healing touch. Time was critical. An unnamed illness struck down the apple of his eye. Time. Time. Every minute was critical and the only One who could help was just arriving.

His daughter’s fever was high. Her breathing shallow. The symptoms would not disappear. With each passing hour her health deteriorated. Doctors were called, but nothing could be done. You know life doesn’t always follow our road map. We long for level highways. Life offers hairpin turns, detours for road construction. We desire happiness but sorrow comes our way. Jairus was no different.

He finds Jesus in the crowd. “My little daughter is dying.” Please come and place your hand on her so she will be healed.”

The Gospel of Mark records: “So Jesus went with Him.” On the way they were interrupted. He is interrupted by another who needs healing. Time. Time.

Every minute was critical and the only One who could help was interrupted.

The nature of this woman’s illness fell under the stipulations of Leviticus 15. She would have to be pronounced unclean. As such she had been an outcast for twelve years. She could not take part in any religious observances, nor could she have any public contact without defiling those whom she touched. She was also forced to be separated from her husband. Last of all, this poor woman has lost all of her financial resources. Mark tells us that she had spent all of her money on doctor bills, with no relief—indeed, with added affliction. And in those days, there was no such thing as a malpractice suit.

This unnamed woman, like Jairus, had heard that Jesus was back in Capernaum and she set out to find relief through His power. Jarius, was a prominent, wealthy,

respected; while the woman lived in poverty, a virtual exile from her own family. The man came publicly with concern for his daughter, the woman slid secretly, cautiously through the crowd. . Conditioned, no doubt, by her long-term rejection and isolation she dared not approach Jesus to ask for a miracle. Her physical contact would defile all that she touched. The best she could hope for was a secret healing. “But I only need to touch the hem of His garment.” She said. (Sermon by Ken Klaas Mark 5)

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