Psalms 34:19 Many [are] the afflictions of the righteous: but the LORD delivereth him out of them all.

There are two promises in this verse. We can expect to be afflicted if we want to be men and women of God. You’re going to be where everything that is happening will test your strength. The righteous will be afflicted but the “Lord delivers him out of them all.”

Three times in this chapter we find this deliverance. In verse 4, deliverance from fear, in verse 17, deliverance from troubles, and in verse 19, deliverance from all afflictions. 1 What an encouraging promise, we live in midst of a world that is full of problems, and these problems cause us heavy burdens, but God is able to deliver us from them.


It is impossible to make a list of all of them, but let’s look at a few.

A-Some Are Caused By Sickness:

1-Many people are weighed down by this heavy burden of sickness.

2-When I was in the hospital back in the 70’s, I met a man in the x-ray waiting room. He was very upset for he just found out that he had cancer of the lung. He had come in the hospital for a physical as he was about to enroll in FBI school. He told me life wasn’t fair for he had just got the break he had been looking for. I asked him about his relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ in which he said, “none.” And he would not even talk to me about the Lord. Many are like him in that they have serious sickness, but they don’t have Jesus to support them in their time of need.

3-The Bible tells us about a man who was burdened down with a illness but after getting it settled with the Lord, he didn’t let it stop him form doing a great work for the Lord. Of course we are talking about “Paul.” (2 Cor. 12:7-10)

4-For most of his life, historian Francis Parkman suffered from very poor health. He had rheumatism, severe headaches, extremely poor digestion. He was in such pain he couldn't bear to write for more than five minutes at a time. On top of that his vision was so poor he could scrawl only a few large words on each sheet of paper. Yet he was able to write The Oregon Trail and nearly twenty other superb historical books. Where there's a will, there's a way. 2

B-Some Are Caused By Sorrows:

1-One of these sorrows are family sorrows. Some homes have a plaque which say, “Home Sweet Home.” But the real truth is that many of these homes are not sweet, most have conflicts which cause sorrows.

2-I was visiting with a pastor during a revival in which I was preaching. As we visited, the husband began to cry, and said, “Pastor, I am sorrow I wan not at Church Sunday, but my wife pitched a fit that morning.” Then he began to cry and said, “I think she is going to leave me for she told me she wanted a divorce.”

3-Another sorrow is the sorrow of death. Anything we lose in life hurts but the loss of a love one hurts the most.

4-I was visiting the AMG building one day in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The guide showed us the TV studio and told us that Pastor W.O. Vaught a preacher in Little Rock, Arkansas was suppose to be using the studio at that time to tape some Bible studies. But, he just couldn’t do it for he was still burdened down by the loss of his wife.

5- Joseph Bayly, in his book The View From A Hearse, tells of what he said to offer hope to a woman whose small son was dying. "It's good to know, isn't it," I spoke slowly, choosing my words with unusual care, "that even though the medical outlook is hopeless, we can have hope for our children in such a situation. We can be sure that after our child dies, he'll be completely removed from sickness and suffering and everything like that, and be completely well and happy." "If I could only believe that," the woman replied. "But I don't. When he dies, I'll just have to cover him up with dirt and forget I ever had him." It is sad, but more often than not, this woman's words express the hopeless plight of so many people all around us. 3

C-Some Are Caused By Sin:

1-I believe this is one life biggest burdens. So many fail to confess their sins and get right with the Lord

2-I was visiting a hospital a couple of years ago in which the man in charge told me that some of the people were there because they didn’t know how to handle guilt. He was telling me that they didn’t know how to handle their sins.

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