Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: There is purpose in Jesus Christ. The purpose that this world is needing.

God’s promises..Purpose

Selected Scriptures


We have been in a series called God’s promises.

We have looked at God’s faithfulness. His faithfulness to us and His expectation that we will be faithful to Him.

We looked at God’s wisdom. God gives us wisdom from His Word, His people, and the lessons that we have learned. God’s wisdom has eternal benefits.

Last week we looked at God’s promise of hope. We see and will continue to see a world that is not only spiritually lost, but has also lost all common sense and they have lost hope.

Wishful thinking is not hope.

Pretending and putting our heads in the sand is not going to change any situation.

God offers us hope and His name is Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ is the hope of mankind.

In Jesus is peace, His presence, and most important until He returns for His people is His strength and power.

This morning we are wearing our favorite jerseys. On any given day, our teams will come together as a group trying to win the game. Weather it is football, baseball, or hockey, all playing to win the game.

I kid you about your favorite team and promote mine, but truth of the matter is, we like those teams but we are not on those teams.

They can make reference of football fans being the12th man, but the 12th man never gets a check, but if you are at the game, you will give a check.

God a long time ago, His team went together for the eternal victory of mankind. God’s plan to send His son Jesus to pay for the sins of mankind. His plan was flawless.

There was not room for error and it is complete.

Jesus return to the Father brought the Holy Spirit of God to not only be with believers but within believers to empower them to live the very life that Christ died for and desires for us to live for.

God’s team completion allows all of us who calls Jesus Lord to be empowered by His Spirit. That is God’s playbook. You can’t change the first part of that, it is a done deal. He finished His task for mankind, and eternally the victory is recorded.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

He offers us an opportunity to be on the team. Not as the 12rth man, watching from the sidelines and cheering from cheap seats, but as an active participate.

He called that purpose. As people search for hope, they are also looking for purpose.

Each person is created by God for a unique and important purpose.

Notice I did not say some, and notice I did not say all of us had to sell everything we have and move to a mission field.


A man catches three trout. Each one as they were caught was alive with fight until they were thrown up on the bank after they were caught. The man noticed that they seemed unhappy just laying there so he was going to encourage them. “ little fish, don’t be sad. You’ll like the grass. Just try it! No movement. No response, no change. A few minutes later, a little boy walked by and said what are you doing? They can’t be all they were created to be when they are out of the water. They put the fish back and within seconds, they flopped in the water and swam away. Silly I know, but get the point.

Do you feel like a fish out of water? Feeling dissatisfied?

Maybe, God is telling you to use your God given talents for God’s kingdom.

Maybe God is pushing you out of the shallow water and taking you to the deep side of the pool.

Text- 1 Corinthians 12:12-20 (Read from Bible)

The body is a unit, it is made up of many parts.

I didn’t say it, it is in God’s Word.

Many people from all walks of life, diversified by culture, age, color, gender, talents, gifts, resources, life experiences. All in one body we call the church.

Each part of that body wanting and needing to find purpose.

We have all been taught the dissatisfaction is bad. We should avoid it at all cost. Shove it down, pretend it is not there. Real Christians call it “bearing the cross.”

Taking chill pills, acting like it doesn’t bother you, ignoring it, or faking a smile won’t help.

Maybe God is wanting you swim in a bigger ocean, or He has you right where you need to be but he is making you uncomfortable so you will be part of a team instead of doing it all by yourself.

Did you ever wonder why some divide spiritual gifts and earthly gifts? Are they not the same?

Did they not come from God? One is usually used for self and one is used for self and kingdom.

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