From Ruinous Restraint to a Radiant Recovery (I Chronicles 4:9-10)

Now the reputation of Jabez rose above the respect of his refined

relatives: however his mother had little regard as she rather underrated

him, relegating him to the rank of wretchedness by referring to him as a

remorseful Jabez, her remarks reflected, rehearsed and reviewed her

reasoning that repented and repulsed her as she reluctantly received the

little rascal, and her roughly repaired residence was surely not a rich

resort as she was racked by regret while ruefully remembering the restless

rigors reaped from her range of resistance.

But in response Jabez rebounded by a resolve to raise his requests for

reprieve to the royal God who reigns over both race and region, replying,

“Oh, Redeemer, remedy and release, refresh and replenish! Raise,

rescale and reset the room and rim of my boundaries. Reach out and

relieve, remedy, reinforce and restore me as my hope, my refuge and rest!

Repress all who would rob, ruin, ravage or rub me out! May the resistance

be reversed, refuted, rescinded, repealed, replaced, revoked and

removed!” Then being recognized by the great Ruler who reigns

forever, God responded by rewarding him with all of his requests.

Perhaps you can relate, recognizing yourself in this revealing report

about Jabez. As you recollect, how would your record read? The rays in

your rearview mirror may reflect seemingly random repercussions, the

residue and rubble of revenge, rumors, reproach, rebuke, the rash and the

rude! Perhaps you have either resigned yourself or rumbled remorse through

reacting, recalling and reviewing the rout!

Respectfully, that rational is retrogressive and really wrong! If your

name is on the roll, be reminded of the rare requests of Jabez! His prayer

represents the reality and results from the Lord! Risk the ramifications!

Reconsider your role? Reckon your weakness and relinquish your pain!

Reject, refuse, reduce and renounce the past while reclaiming your future

in the Lord! Renew your mind! Rely on our resplendent King to right the

wrong! Revere His majesty! Remain in His presence! Recount your blessings!

Then rise to your full potential in the Lord Jesus Christ! May you relax

in the Rock who reconciles, relieves, remakes, retrieves and restores! And

finally be ready to reserve unto Him all of the glory, while rendering Him

praise and retaining His honor!

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