Summary: This is an exposition of Philippians 4.15-23.

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God’s Response to Faithful Service

Text: Phil 4. 15-23


1. A religion that gives nothing, costs nothing, and suffers nothing, is worth nothing. -Martin Luther.

2. When we are faithful to obey in giving, serving, praying, etc.; God responds to our faithfulness by …


I. His Amplification of Our Investment – Phil 4.15-17.


Vv.15-16- When Paul first preached the gospel in Phillipi and the surrounding area the only church that he founded that helped him materially was the church at Phillipi.

V.17 – “profit” is the return on investment. Wuest renders it “the fruit which is accumulating to your account.”


1. We can’t wait for others to give before we give.

2. Investment in God’s work always brings us profit - *Matt 19.27-29.

3. To invest in the Kingdom of God is our responsibility; the spiritual profit is God’s response.

When we are faithful to obey in giving, serving, praying, etc.; God responds to our faithfulness by …

II. His Acceptance of Our Sacrifice – Phil 4.18.


V.18 – The terminology is similar to the sacrifices of the OT Saints. Some sacrifices God’s accepts others He does not accept; e.g. Cain, the prophets of Baal in 1 Ki 18. The difference is in the heart.


1. What we give the Lord from the heart is acceptable. In light of this we MUST examine our motivations!

2. To serve with the proper motive is our responsibility; acceptance of our service is God’s response.

Illustration: Franciscan monk. the guide and "gofer" to Mother Teresa when she visited. He had dreamed of how much he would learn from her. But he never had the opportunity during the visit and soon her visit was over. She was to fly to New Guinea and the friar asked; “If I pay my own fare to New Guinea can I fly and sit to converse with you about life, etc.” Mother Teresa responded; “You have enough money to pay airfare to New Guinea?Then give that money to the poor, You’ll learn more from that.” We can learn a lot more by giving than by living.

When we are faithful to obey in giving, serving, praying, etc.; God responds to our faithfulness by …

III. His Alleviation of Our Need – Phil 4.19.


V.19 – “supply all your needs” – lit. “shall fill to the full”. This is the same word as is used in v.18 “I have received everything in full”. In other words just as these saints have filled Paul to the full meeting all his needs with their monetary gifts, so God would fill them to the full. They did not need to worry about impoverishing themselves, God promises to take care of them in response to their faithfulness. “Needs” – lit. “Necessities”.


1. We do not have to be afraid to give to the needs of others thinking it will hurt our families or us.

2. Needs and wants are different; God supplies our needs when we are faithful to give.

3. To be faithful in giving is our responsibility; meeting all our needs is God’s response.

Illustration: Eli Black was a brilliant businessman best know for two events. the multimillion dollar takeover of the United Fruit conglomerate, and jumping to his death from the 42nd floor of the Pan Am building in New York City. Life is tragic for the person who has plenty to live on but nothing to live for. Give to God His due; service, love, prayer, tithes, time, talents; and God will respond by meeting all your needs. All=material, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.

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