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Summary: When you put your best effort into what is most important, the result is an abundant life.

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God’s Saving Power

Grant van Boeschoten

April 5, 2009

Have you ever felt like you are unproductive as a Christian? Have you felt as though you haven’t really made the difference that you thought you could make?

I have felt that way before. I have gone through seasons of my life when I have seen over 100 people come to Christ in just one summer. And then I have gone through different seasons where I haven’t seen anyone come to Christ.

Today, by the grace of God, we are entering into a New Time of effectiveness in our Christian faith.

Let me give you a little bit of a background on how the Christian Church has grown, or not grown.

Historically, the majority of people who become Christians do so through a one on one relationship. A parent tells you about God. A relative takes you to church. A trusted friend gives you the good news about Jesus.

Raise your hand this morning if you are one of the people who become a Christian through a relationship?

Brenna, my wife, became a Christian because of her aunt. She was just a little girl and one of her close relatives had just died. She was scared of what would happen when she died, and one of her aunts told her about Jesus, about heaven and about how she could become a Christian. I thank God for that Aunt.

What we are seeing more and more in Modern Western Christianity though is that there is a deep apathy towards winning people for Christ. In general, we just don’t do it. We can be surrounded by people who we know need God’s love and help, but we just don’t do it.

It’s almost bizarre to think of all the people in our lives who would forever be changed if we could just introduce them to Jesus, and we don’t do it.

Superficial and non-eternal issues have taken a precedent in our lives. We can put more time and effort into our favorite sports team then seeing people be touched with God’s love through our lives. I can think of weeks when I have put more effort into my Fantasy Football league then I have into seeing people touched with God’s love.

What is it for you. What is the thing that pulls your focus off of others. What is it that captures your attention and your passion on the self gratifying present, instead of on the eternal future of our friends and the others that God has placed in our lives?

There will be a day, when we give account to God for how we spent our time, we might as well start now. We have to prioritize our lives for what is most important, instead of what is convenient or good for the moment.

Here is the truth; When we put our best time, and our best effort into what matters the least we don’t go to bed at night with a sense of accomplishment and purpose. When we live for a counterfeit cause we don’t do what God created us for. This results in burnout, exhaustion, disappointment with life and frustration with God.

When it all comes together we find ourselves drained of the energy that it takes to win people for God, because we have invested our time and effort in the wrong place. It’s about priorities, and putting what is eternal in front of what feels good for the moment.

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