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Summary: God’s perspective on matters and not the way man looks at things, we can then expect wonderful things to manifest in our lives. There are special rewards for those who seek God’s view rather than the view man takes.

God’s shield

Man’s ways are not God’s ways

The Bible teaches us that man’s ways seem right, but they actually lead to failure and disappointment. However, God’s ways lead us to success and blessings. God’s ways and man’s ways are poles apart. If we as believers were to seek God’s perspective on matters and not the way man looks at things, we can then expect wonderful things to manifest in our lives. There are special rewards for those who seek God’s view rather than the view man takes.

The Bible teaches us that God never changes – He is the same yesterday, today and forever. But it is man who changes. We can see with changes in fashions, styles, music preferences, financial markets politics, governments etc. For example, gold may be popular for a season but it can lose its appeal overnight,

Praise God - He never changes. If we can learn to see the way God sees, to feel the way God feels, to respond the way God responds, there will be many victories to be won.

Geneses 15:1 - After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, saying “Do not be afraid, Abram, I am your shield, your exceeding great reward.”

This is one of the most important chapter in the Old Testament. It deals essentially with God’s everlasting covenant with mankind, through Abraham, and fulfilled through Jesus. This covenant is the source of all our blessings and promises. Those who have accepted Jesus, are of the seed of Abraham and heirs to all the promises. And it begins with two promises – the shield and the reward.

The shield

A shield is a protective device used to avoid harm. When God says “I will be your shield”, what does He mean?

1. Like an astronaut

Let us take an astronaut who lands on the moon. That person is from a different planet and cannot survive on the moon without a shield which provides full protection. All the life-giving substance is provided within the shield – the air, the water and the food. The astronaut is able to survive on a foreign planet because of the shield which contains the protection and life-supply and which is compatible with his or her own planet. The moon cannot provide any of this and therefore without the shield (space suit), the astronaut will die.

The astronaut does not belong out in space there, but belongs on the earth, but is able to do things as long as the shield is in place and is sustained by means of a foreign life supply, not from the moon but from the earth. If the shield were to break, or were to be removed, it would mean certain death.

Supernatural supply

As a born again believer filled with God’s Spirit we are foreigners in this present world. We are in the world but not of the world. The only way to survive, therefore, is to have the shield of God from which all the supernatural supply is provided. No shield, no life-giving substance. The only way to survive is to have the shield of God in place. We are sustained from a foreign supply which is a supernatural provision. This is vital for our spiritual survival.

The world says “born to be free”. But we say “born-again to be free”. The only way is to have on God’s shield which provides God’s covenant blessings. It is the only way to survive in times of famine, in times of war, fear, and violence.

Total covering

By now you should have gathered that God’s shield is not a protective device that you place in front of you when engaging the enemy in warfare, but is a total protection – front, back, over your head, on your sides and under your feet. Perhaps we can deduce from this teaching, that when God says “I am your shield”, that you are protected in a “cocoon” type enclosure. Because when God protects you, the devil cannot get to you, no matter at what angle he tries to attack you.

Shield breakers

Sin, disobedience, and rebellion are most definitely shield breakers. Remember, when you lose your shield, you lose your reward. The shield and the reward go hand in hand.

Adam and Eve

God told Adam and Eve that they could enjoy everything in the garden except for one tree. God had more information about this tree than Adam and Eve and knew that this tree was not suitable for them. But because of sin, disobedience and rebellion, they lost their shield which was a covering around their bodies, and subsequently lost their reward. They were aware of their nakedness. (The shield covered them). If God warns us against something, we should accept it without any argument because He knows better.

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