Summary: In the midst of problems at the Corinthian church, Paul gives a solution to the churches problems.

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I. Introduction

A. Churches around the world split all the time. It doesn’t seem like a normal year in the faith unless we are having a knock down fight over non-essential issues.

B. I am not here today preaching to one individual.

1. I would never preach from the pulpit and humiliate any individual.

2. I love each and every soul listening to my sermon.

3. Because of that love I am driven to speak on issues that will help us grow in areas we need to grow in.

4. This is one of those areas

C. Our church. OUR church family is taking forward strides each week that we gather together, but every once in a while we take a huge leap backwards. Why is that?

D. Well, I cannot pen point the exact issue in detail, but I do know a great deal of the problem can be corrected if we listen to Paul in 1 Cor 13

II. Our Actions must accompany love

A. If I do not have love and…

1. Speak in another language

2. Prophecy, can fathom all mysteries, and faith that moves mountains

3. Give all that I possess to the poor

B. It is futile

1. I might as well bang on a gong or cymbal

2. I am nothing

3. I gain nothing

C. If we do anything it MUST be done in love

1. Speak to our neighbor or brother/sister in Christ

2. If we approach an erring brother

3. If we are doing the work of our Father in Heaven

4. If we are studying the Bible together

5. If I give more than the person setting next to me

6. If I do more things for the church

D. When we do things not for the love we hold for one another we have wronged everyone, become nothing and have not learned a thing. What would be the point! Paul says there is none if we are not doing it in LOVE.

III. Our definition of love must be biblical

A. Love is a term that is flopped around in every conversation

1. We say that we love pancakes, our truck, the color red, the television show, the song and many other things

2. THINGS are all that they are. Love is a term we should never take lightly.

3. Love should be a term only when we mean it.

B. The Greek word used here for love is “Agape”

1. This word means love in service

2. Which means that it is not a love you would have for your spouse or children, but a love you feel for a brother or sister.

3. A love that would cause you to protect, cherish and fight for.

C. Paul says love always…

1. Protects

a. The American Heritage Dictionary defines protect as meaning

b. To keep from damage, attack, theft or injury

c. This means we will keep those we love in service from damage, attack, theft or injury

d. So, we will keep our brothers and sister in Christ from damage, attack, theft or injury

2. Trusts

a. The American Heritage Dictionary defines trust as meaning

b. To rely, to depend on to have confidence in

c. True love will depend on the other party. It will have confidence that they will do what you ask of them. True love will rely on the other person.

d. So, we rely and depend on our brothers and sisters, while having confidence they will do the best job they can do.

3. Hopes

a. The American Heritage Dictionary defines hope as meaning

b. To wish for something in expectation

c. We will wish for something great from our brothers and sisters

4. Perseveres

a. The American Heritage Dictionary defines persevere as meaning

b. To persist in or remain in constant to a purpose, idea or task in spite of obstacles

c. We will all strive together in purpose, idea or task.

d. We will all strive to the finish and strive to win as many as possible

IV. Love will be the one item that lasts an eternity

A. The miraculous gifts have come to an end

1. Prophecies will cease

2. Tongues will be stilled

3. Knowledge will pass away

B. When perfection in the word of God came

1. All miraculous gifts ceased

2. The imperfect will disappear

a. Hear say of truth about God’s commands

b. People now have a book to point and smile at

C. Paul says these three things remain: faith, hope and love

D. It is interesting to notice that faith and hope are temporary and will end when Christ comes again, but love will last for eternity

V. Conclusion

A. Paul comes to one conclusion for the problems at Corinth.

1. He goes to the one thing He knows will last for eternity

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