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Summary: God sovereign choice. He chose you. Will you chose Him? You have to realize that God's ways are higher than your ways. we cannot entertain the thought that God is unjust.

God’s Sovereign Choice

Romans chapter 9:14-9:21


Last week we looked at Holiness.

God’s Holiness and I said that there was a hole in holiness when we begin to define holiness by our standards instead of God.

When we begin telling God why we are good enough for heaven. That is a problem.

Why we should be blessed and avoid having all of life’s trials. That is a problem. (That was chapter 8 of Romans.)

Today I want to look at chapter 9- probably one of the hardest scriptures to digest.

All of the pre-destined people “why bother? God knows who will be saved.”

All of those that grab grace and tell God “I’m not perfect, but I am yours.” Then live their lives the way they want and wonder why God does not respond to their prayers.

Those that live in the past, and wonder why God seems far away. He is screaming to you, I have forgiven you! Move forward!

Those that got victory last week over fear, how is your first week of freedom? Live your life as if God did something amazing, because he did!

Chapter 9 is Paul addressing the people that he loved (Jews)

(1) I tell you the truth, Holy Spirit confirms it, the people of Israel that I love, I would be cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers.

That is love- I wish that all would be saved, but I would not want to lose my salvation in an attempt for you to know Christ. I would want you adopted into the great family of God, but I would want you to come the same way that I did, by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

(6) Paul says “It is not as though God’s word has failed. For all who are descended from Israel are not Israel.” (He is referring not all of the Jews were responding to Christ)

I think the issue with Israel’s unbelief is a scenario that God is able to work all things together for the good of them who love God and who are called according to God’s plan.

(Key being that God is involved.) We have to love God and entrust our lives to God.

Even when we think life is not fair.

Romans chapter 9:14-21

If you grab nothing else this morning, grab this- life is not fair!

We don’t set the rules, God does!

The problem with the Israelites is the same problem we still have today.

When we don’t understand what God is doing, we accuse God of wrong doing.

Because he does not think the same way we do! God can do anything he wants to do, even if you do not agree with Him.

Isaiah 55- tells us that God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are your ways my ways declares the Lord. As far as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Do you see what is happening!

We have based everything on our reasoning.

We based things on what we know and what we see.

We judge wisdom by what our little minds can conceive.

Really? Are you kidding me!

Do you really think we can put ourselves equal to the mind of God and get mad when things do not turn out the way we figure they should.

We begin arguments about God, by saying “I would not believe in a God who would… would what? Do something that you wouldn’t do? Or think different than you?

Do you ever consider that the creator of the universe is right and you have it wrong?

Do you think that maybe God’s sense of judgment is greater than you?

More developed? His love and mercy are perfect.

When we make statements that “God wouldn’t do that”, we put God’s actions in submission to our thinking.

I. Realize that God’s thinking is higher than our thinking

I have to be honest, I do not understand always the way that God does things. I just know that His ways are higher than mine.

Job is a perfect example. God, really? You take a man that loves you, does everything he knows to do, and you kill his family, and take away all his belongings and inflict sores all over his body. So that you can teach other people around him that his love for you is real.

“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart, the Lord gave and the Lord has taken away, may the name of the Lord be praised.”

I do not understand how wicked people seem to succeed and I watch believers suffer both financially and physically at times.

Because in a world where things should be fair, I think (key, I think) that the wicked should fail and believers should prosper.

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