Summary: God has a special project that is consuming all His time and resources - Know what it is?

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God’s Project

There a show I love to watch on TV called Myth-Busters

• The show revolves around these two guys, Jamie and Adam either proving or disproving urban legends

• The guy who attached a jet engine to his Chevy in Arizona

• Will birds shatter a planes windshield? – firing frozen chickens out of this man-made cannon at plane windshields

• Guy and 500 lbs of bricks in a barrel

• They scrounge around junk yards and find all the parts they need and then try to replicate these myths

• It hilarious watching them prove or disprove these legends

Reason I think the show is so popular is that its every guys dream to do something like this

• To have a project that has an element of danger, it involves cannons, rockets, destruction, building things, what more could a guy want?

• I think we all get enthused by a project we just love doing – I know you girls can get sidetracked by your little projects as well – Susan’ patchwork quilt project with 2,109 squares of cloth

• For a month or so she forgot about the rest of the world – even forgot she had a husband

Well here today I want to tell you about a little project that God has

• And it’s a project that is so important to Him that it consumes all his time, He can’t think of anything else, He has committed all his resources to it

• Know what that project is? You, and me and the rest of the human race

• That‘s right, forget about running the universe, forget about the angels griping about living conditions in heaven, (Lord, the angels are complaining how hard it is being good all the time) the most important thing to God right now is… you and me

Let me tell you something really important about God

• How many of you have heard the term “Trinity”? This is where the eyes start to roll

• But unless we understand that God is a Trinity, we won’t be able to understand his project

• What is the Trinity?

• The term Trinity is something that theologians have discussed for centuries – Know why?

• Well when I tell you what it means you will understand, because the word Trinity is the word used to describe how God is One yet exists in three separate entities – Father, Son and Holy Spirit

• Diagram

• Now forget about trying to reconcile how God can be One in Three – that is beyond human comprehension

• Instead what I want you to focus on is the relationship that exists between the three

• After many years in a good marriage relationship, each of the couples in the relationship begin to know instinctively how the other person thinks and acts

• For instance, this was a no brainer even for me, but last Thursday our daughter who was home heard that we had the karaoke night coming up last night and decided to buy each of us a stick-on moustache for our C & W number

• Now I didn’t have to talk to Susan to know there was no way she was going to be seen up on stage wearing a moustache

• So I told Shannon this is not a good idea – your Mum just ain’t going to be seen dead wearing a moustache, “besides she shaves each morning to get rid of the one she already has”

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