Summary: Believe God’s testimony of Christ and worship him alone.

Greeting: Hello again everyone. I want to welcome you to the final sermon through the Book of 1 John. I’ve really enjoyed studying and preaching through this book and I hope it’s been a blessing to you all as well. Tonight we come to the conclusion of 1 John so go ahead and turn your Bibles to 1 John 5:4 where we will be reading through the end of the chapter.

Introduction: When most children are young, they like to adventure and explore. And for one reason or another, children are fascinated with is electrical sockets. It is not uncommon for a parent to have to tell their child that they are not to touch any of the sockets in the house. Some parents may choose to even explain why it’s so dangerous and how in just one moment a jolt of electricity could be sent throughout the child’s entire body.

But, children are children and sometimes they reject the true and wise instruction of their parents. Because they haven’t experienced what it feels like to be electrocuted, the reality of the electrical socket doesn’t seem to be such a danger. It is in that moment when a child decides to disobey their parents and to stick their finger into an electrical socket, that they immediately realize their mistake as electricity flows through their body.

Transition: When we think about that scenario we see the outright foolishness of that child. The instruction of the parents not to touch the electrical socket is wise and truthful. The child did not disobey their parents because the instructions were unclear. Rather, the child disregarded the instruction of their parents because they desired to touch the socket more than to be obedient to the instruction.

Like a child, there is before each of us a dangerous, life-threatening issue. That issue is life after death. Death will come for each one of us, whether by natural death or the Second Coming of Christ. And each of us will have to stand before a thrice-holy God and give an account for our lives. But, just like the instruction to the child was clear, the instruction that God gives to us could not be more clear. In fact, God has sent forth three witnesses that are testifying to God’s testimony about who Jesus Christ is and how we are to attain eternal life. But before we get to the things that bear witnesses to God’s testimony, first, what is God’s testimony concerning Jesus Christ? What is his instruction particularly about how we can escape eternal damnation and dwell in eternal life?

Let’s read our text and see what the Lord God is testifying about his own Son, Jesus Christ. Hear now God’s holy Word. This is 1 John 5:4-21.

Amen, herein ends the reading of God’s holy Word.

Like a child given instruction from his parents about the dangers of a socket, so we have from God himself instructions and testimony concerning how to escape the danger of eternal damnation and how to receive the gift of eternal life. In order to know what you must do, first, you must hear the instruction. So first, hear the testimony of God. Hear the testimony of God. The testimony of God about his Son is found in verse 11 where it says, “And this is the testimony, that God gave us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.”

I. Hear the Testimony of God.

A. The Testimony of God

Explanation: This testimony of God is the most comforting thing that the ears of a sinner could ever hear. As John has done throughout his epistle he is drawing our attention to the supremacy of Christ. The Father God is not testifying about himself as the Father, rather, he is testifying about his Son.

What you believe about God’s testimony concerning his Son means everything. It means more than your current studies in school. It’s more important than the job you lost, or the promotion you’re striving to earn. Your beliefs about Christ are more important than all your children, all your family, even you own very life.

Illustration: John tells us in verse 11 that to reject God’s testimony concerning his Son is to call God a liar. Now, imagine if the child from before were to storm up to his parents and say, “everything you told me about that electrical socket is a lie.” Then, after displaying his imagined dominance over his parents, the child runs up to the live electrical socket and touches it. Immediately he falls to the ground crying realizing that his parents were not lying to him. His parents were instructing him to obey them so that he might not get hurt.

Transition: The consequences us shaking our fists to God in heaven and saying, “everything you told me about your Son is lie” will have eternal ramifications. John lays out for us the positive and the negative aspects that come from God’s testimony concerning his Son, Jesus Christ.

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