Summary: Questions with application for small group Bible study

Romans Chapter 3: 1 – 20 God’s verdict on Man

Summary: Chapters 1 & 2.

-introduction of himself (Paul)

-introduces the idea of General Revelation

-Pagan & Gentile rebellion and it’s consequences

-Jewish failure despite having the Scriptures

-the law written upon everyone’s hearts

Now, in Chapter 3 Paul moves onto those who have some final excuses for not living up to God’s perfect standard; namely God is faithful anyway, so why bother?

Read Chapter 3:1-8. Final excuses dealt with.

Q. In light of all Paul’s been saying at the end of Chapter 2, what advantage is there in being a Jew/member of a church? (v1-2)

Q. Some people might say “the more I sin, the more God’s greatness, his holiness and his faithfulness are deomnstrated”. How can they say that?

Q. What does Paul say to this in verses 3-8?

Read Chapter 3: 9-20. God’s conclusion.

Q. Paul has now reached his conclusion of the first 3 chapters: “what shall we conclude then?” – v9. Can you think of any group or people he’s not covered?

Q. What is the conclusion he reaches (verse 10-11)? – not a trick question! How do you feel about this?

Q. What do we make of these two verses in light of the fact that some non-Christians appear to seek God and lead exemplary lives?

Q. Paul uses different parts of the human body to describe our fall into sin (v 13-18). Can you name them? What does this illustrate about our falleness?

Q. These verses are often used to demonstrate the concept of Total Depravity. Would anybody like to explain what this might mean?

Q. This is all a bit depressing. Why has Paul brought us to this point?


How can these verses shape your own thinking?

How can these verses shape your evangelism?

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