Summary: God allows the warning light to go on in our lives to let us know that something is wrong. We need to get on our knees in prayer and allow God to fix the problem.

God’s Warning Light

Psalms 51:4-13

Recently I had the "check engine" light come on in our vehical and there is nothing worse then that paticular light because you don’t have a clue as to what it indicates. The only thing you can do is take it to a sevice center and find out what is wrong.

God allows the warning light to go on in our lives to let us know that something is wrong. We need to get on our knees in prayer and allow God to fix the problem.

When the warning light goes off in people’s lives, it is our job to direct them to the altar.

Our texts talk about David who is repenting from a 2nd sin he committed, which was with Bathsheba.

Traffic symbols (octagon, triangle) – what do they do? They give us direction. Without them there would be chaos.

We were mapping our way to St. Louis and we saw a number of different ways to get to conference. We Googled several ways and each one would get us there, but at varying times and miles/distance. I got to thinking, what if we took one way and a car or truck pulled out and hit us, sending us to the hospital, and I thought we just don’t know the future so it doesn’t matter what route you take.

For example: Take the passenger who missed his flight home because his meeting ran late, and later found out that the plane went down and everyone on board perished. How lucky do you think he felt?

We need to put our lives in God’s hands and not let what might happen ruin our lives.

Psalms 20:7 “Some trust in chariots and others in horses…”

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord… Lean not to thine own understanding…”

Trust implies risk. We have to trust that God will help us see the warning signs in our lives.

The best way to seek help is:

1. Prayer

2. Reading the Bible

3. Being in church

We have to trust that when Bro L. and Bro. R. strap themselves to the seat on the Power Tower at Valley Fair that it will keep them alive.

We need to also make informed decisions when we look to the future.

I like being in a vehicle that rides a little higher than the rest of the traffic. Not because I am better, but because I can see what is ahead. If people start braking suddenly, I can prepare myself to slow down early and prevent an accident.

We need to be aware of people around us and see the warning signs that may be going off in their lives, and then be ready to help when needed.

There is a story of a farmer whose house was in a flood, so he went to his roof and prayed for the Lord to help him. As he waited for the Lord to rescue him, a large log floated by. Then, a boat came by and offered to take him, but he said, No, he was trusting God would help him. Soon after, a helicopter flew by and offered to help, and still he refused, saying he was waiting for the Lord to help him. Later as the flood water rose, the farmer drowned with his house. As he stood before God, he asked why He didn’t rescue him. The Lord replied that he sent a log, boat, and a helicopter. God sometimes gives us opportunities, but we are not aware of His help. We need to see what’s ahead by going to our knees in prayer.

When God sends us warning signs or the warning light turns on in our lives, we have to be ready to receive His help by going to our knees in prayer.

CLOSE: Don’t ignore the warning light in your life. God is giving you a 2nd chance to fix the problem (seek salvation).

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