Summary: When God Places the Power in your Hands

In this scripture, we find an inspiring story tucked away in these couple of verses in 2nd Samuel 23. Here we find the story of Eleazar; one of David’s mighty men. In fact, there are a number of names of those soldiers who distinguished themselves in combat for David which are recorded for us her in 2nd Samuel. However, out of all the name that were mention, three were particularly honoured: Josheb, Shammah, and this great character Eleazar.

He is particularly remembered for his heroic deeds in a battle with the Philistines. We know this because in 1st Chronicles 11:12-14 we are told a little more about this occasion. The battle scene was at a place called “Pasadammim” the dell or the basin, of bloodshed”. And what I found so interestingly, is that it is the same place where David (years before) had defeated Goliath.

This place seems to have been a recurring headache for Israel, because Saul had been held up in this same place by the Philistines until David stepped in, and now David has returned there facing the same enemy (the Philistines) in another confrontation.

There is a great lesson to be learned here, and what I have found out is that the enemy will often time take us back to old battlegrounds; places where he has held us up in the past!

In fact, as I look back on my Christian walk, my greatest battles have been fought on the same battle grounds as before, over the same things time and time again, some of those same things that I’d already dealt with. Some of those same battles that I’ve had before. Some of those same issue that has confronted me before, it seems like I had ended up on the same battle ground again.

It’s here at Pasadammim again then, that the Philistines group themselves against the forces of David’s army. It seems that the Philistines posed a terrifying foe; because all the men of Israel were gone away, they had fled in fear. But David and this man Eleazar took up position, these two men took a stance in a barley field in a small valley. And David noticed something, David recognizes that I have been here before fighting against the Philistine opposition. And as David and Eleazar understood this plight in flight. David and Eleazer knew what they had to do, and the Philistine army was so overtaken, that when the other men of Israel returned, all that was left to do was the looting of dead men!

What a man this Eleazar was! And if we were to look a little closer, we could learn a lot from him and his weapon; the 1st thing that we notice is:

When dissecting this verse, the first thing we see is the adequacy of Eleazar’s weapon.

In verse 10, the bible says that He arose, he got up and smote the Philistines until his hand was weary, and his hand clave unto the sword: and the Lord wrought a great victory that day; and the people returned after him only to spoil.

In other words, Eleazar brought down the entire Philistine armed forces with just one weapon in his hand, his trusty sword. In fact, it was a weapon that he had confidence in. And I believe without a shadow of doubt that he had fought many other battles with it before. In fact, it had been a reliable sword to him - he cared for it himself, sharpening and oiling it continually, and he knew that it would not fail him in the heat of battle.

And those of on the live you have got to know the sufficiency of your sword. You have got to know that it is two edged and when you need it, it will cut coming and going. You have got to know that your weapon is available to you day and night. In fact, it is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. Your sword is a battle-axe in the time of war. Your sword (or your word is) weapon of many faucets. You can lean on it when you are tire, you can depend on it when you are weary. You can consult with it when you are confused and you reach for it when you are in need. Eleazar handle his sword with confidence because it had proven to be reliable to him time and time again.

We see the sufficiency of his weapon, but we also see that it was a weapon that he was familiar with.

Eleazar, by constant use, had mastered that sword. Before he ever came near the battlefield, he had defeated a thousand imaginary enemies - he had practiced with it for hours on end.

He was familiar with how it feels, he knew the weight of it; he knew what it could cut through, and he knew how much force he needed to swing it with. He knew how to use it both defensively and offensively - he was totally at ease using this sword. He was so familiar with it, that it became just like an extension of his own arm.

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