Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: God gives the family four gifts that we can find at creation. If we will but live within the boundaries God has set up for the family, we will then reap a bountiful harvest of blessing!

TITLE: God’s wedding gifts!

TEXT: Genesis 1:26-31; & 2:

SERIES: Home Health Care

TOPIC: Family

OCCASION: Burnside Christian Church, July 6, 2008


INTRODUCTION: Good morning! At this time our Jr. Church age kids are dismissed. Also, please pass the attendance pads down the pew that you’re in.

Think back to: Your wedding day! Three words describe it: Exhilarating. Exciting. Exhausting! So much work. So much preparation. So much time invested! All of it for 45 minutes that you can’t remember except with the help of wedding pictures and one un-fortunate video tape!

In the days leading up to the wedding, you had receptions and parties. All for one purpose. TO GET GIFTS!

This month our focus turns to the family. I am beginning a series called: Home Health Care. I believe each family could use a little care!

I want you to understand that God created the idea of family. He created the reality of family. And when you follow God’s plan for family, some blessings are yours! I call them: Wedding Gifts!

T.S.: In the book of Genesis, we see the gifts that God gives to the family!

This is un-usual. I don’t think I have ever preached or ever heard a one point sermon. But here it is! It has one main point: Are you ready for it?

I. God’s GIFTS to the FAMILY!

There are four of them! These gifts are perfect! These are gifts that only God Himself could give!

A. Created in God’s Image

--It’s good to be human! The human family consists of…HUMANS! Each human in that family is created in God’s image! Animals have instincts…behavior that can’t easily be changed! Even “tame” wild animals can go ‘bad’.

Here are some things to remember:

a. Humans are more valuable than animals

--Even though I’m not in favor of useless animal cruelty, I do understand that humans are ‘worth’ more than animals!


b. Because Humans are different than animals!

Humans are…

1. Able to love

We are able to communicate love unlike any other created beings!

We can communicate love through:

1. Touch - Through hugs, hand holding. When was the last time fellas, you just simply gave your wife a hug? Or held her hand at a movie?

2. Gift Giving - Extravagant jewelry, to inside simple jokes…Listen! I have a dog. She’s 9 years old and the ONLY gift she has ever given me are in my front yard that I

have to scoop!

3. Encouraging words -

Only in Animated Disney films do animals express love in this way! It’s unique to humans! Why? Because we’re the ONLY ones created in God’s image!!!!

2. Able to reason

--we know right from wrong!

--we are able to solve problems

--We are the only created beings to have this wonderful gift of logic!

3. Able to create

--art able to sculpt and paint!

--songs Write beautiful words put to beautiful music!


Gift #2 may not look like a gift…but it is…

B. Great Job!


Notice in Genesis. God gives man the perfect job.

These were his responsibilities:


Multiply! Fill the earth! Reproduce! Have sex!

--NAME THE ANIMALS(Genesis 2:19,20)

By his naming the animals…this showed man’s Rule over the animals

You talk about your sweet jobs!


If you have a job, it’s a gift from God! Your job allows you to afford the things in this world. It is God who gave you the abilities to get the job you have!

Remember when you first got married you thought how in the world are you going to afford it? Or when you first learned your were expecting your first child you thought: there is NO way we can afford this kid! But you did! That’s because God provided you the job! There are 6.8 million unemployed people in this world who would love to have a job that pays what you make!

But also understand, that EVERYONE has something about their job they don’t like! There are things even I don’t like. And I know what you’re thinking: Man, I would love to have your job! Man, you don’t know what you’re TALKING about! There are things I absolutely LOVE! And then there are things I don’t so much love. Just like you. Just like everybody.

But the fact still remains…your job is a gift from God!

ILLUSTRATION: Hate your job? Watch dirty jobs with Mike Rowe on TLC. That will help you appreciate your job!!!!

Some of his jobs include:

Roadkill cleaner

Worm Dung Farmer

Hot tar roofer

Thursday night, I saw Mike Rowe cleaning out storm drains. Crawling down in this very small.

Still hate your job? It could be worse! You could be an armpit smeller for a deodorant company!

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