Summary: An encouraging, uplifting sermon lifting up acongregation who may have found the going a bit tough;

Feel the excitement? Express excitement.

He is hear King of kings and Lord of Lords

Read Jerimiah 18:1-6

Read verse 6 again

He is working on us – we are His workmanship.

ACTIVITY: “Neighbor are you aware that you are Gods workmanship?”

Our lives = Gods workmanship.

As much as I enjoy art, I have never really been much of n artist. I can draw a fair bit, but to do what others do so easily all I can do is sit back and admire.

I love watching those portrait artists – watch a piece of ordinary white paper turn into something alive.


Art process – blank canvas – after skill and tools develop a pic that is awesome.

Enjoy the fact that people can take something that looks pretty meaningless and make it super natural.

God with his touch can transform. Our loves are Gods art – his workmanship.

Lives uniquely made. “Wonderfully made” says Psalms 139:14,15

No matter where you are – no matter how shoddy you think the components are that make you up. You are Gods workmanship.

Think about that scripture for a moment -Wonderfully and fearfully made. In his likeness you are wonderfully and fearfully made. He doesn’t make mistakes. When He made you there were no mistakes.


The problem though is on a daily basis seeing Gods hand in our lives.

I want to share 3 things that have happened in my life recently that has demonstrated to me Gods hand. That I am Gods Workmanship.

1. God works the familiar. Read verse 1 and 2 – Go down to the potters house.

In verse 3 – So I went down to the potters house – OR he immediately.

Some of us place an entire bible between vs 2 and 3.


God says get up and go – we say well I don’t think I am ready yet. I need to get a conference and maybe get some equipping to go. I need to have some follow up sessions and to have some small group connection time so I can make sure I am really ready.

And I need some confirmation – 3 confirmations to know that this is really the word of the Lord.

How do I know that this is not the enemy speaking? How do I know that this is not my own mind or my own desire. So Lord I hear you in verse 2 but I need about another 25 chapters before I can respond to that.


What’s with that – God works the familiar.

In those days pottery houses common. It was an important part of the economy. I mean the whole archeological world goes mad when they find a piece of pottery from that time. It was big.

A potter’s house was a familiar thing. He says to Jeremiah I am going to show you something incredible in familiar place. (MY MESSAGE)

Many today have come here looking for a purpose – asking, begging for a purpose.

But most of us want God to take a spectacular place and give us a spectacular purpose.

It does not always happen in spectacular places. God’s workmanship is revealed in the familiar.


When God called me to full time ministry – he called me with a gift that was familiar to me.

I was just a sinner that needed to ask for forgiveness and be covered in his blood. – The rest was his workmanship

He will not call you to do something you will hate doing or don’t want to do

How idiotic!

God of universe - ultimate manager the ultimate leader.

And he sits there and says: “I am going to get a person who has a heart for me and I am going to get them to do something that they loathe and hate and have no ability to do and boy great glory will come to the kingdom through that.”


God will speak to you and even work on you in the place of your familiarity.

Give story of teachers PTA’s – talks too much…

Its his mouth – Craig talks too much….

Little did those teachers know that my mouth would be what God would use to the glory of his kingdom?

God works in the place of familiarity. We want him to take a grand spectacular place or give us this epiphany.

What is that you are gifted to do? What simple ability are you thinking so little of or taking for granted, that God is crying out to use?


So God takes Jeremiah to a familiar old potters house and a simple old potters wheel.

Not know what potters wheel is…

Rent movie Ghost

Ghost – Oh my love….

A potters wheel is a simple device used to turn out pottery vessels. Can be automatic/electric or worked with foot.

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