Summary: Did God send Katrina to wipe out New Orleans?

God’s Wrath Or Man’s Folly?

As with every disaster, there are folks coming out of the woodwork claiming to have had a vision of the New Orleans destruction. Ironically, these things are never made known nationally so that folks might heed the warning or that a citywide repentance could occur like in Nineveh and the calamity avoided.

Others are quick to point out that this happened because of God’s judgment on the sinfulness of the city or certain things that are condoned in the city. While I agree that God’s judgment is on this country rather than His blessing, I still have to ponder this a bit. I would think that the entire West coast would have fallen off into the ocean or be sucked up in a large crevasse from an earthquake first.

Before I go further, some Islamic folks feel that it was the wrath of Allah. Well, I would have to ask who caused the earthquakes that have tore up Iran (4 since 1972 81,621 killed), Indonesia (’04 and ’05 201,000 killed), and Turkey? (7 since 1939 at least 65,100 killed) It would seem that if Allah were punishing America with Katrina then he has punished his folks a lot more. They may not want to credit him with Katrina because it begs more questions than it answers.

Now back to our folk’s assumptions on the cause of the disaster. It was proposed that it was because of a homosexual festival that was to occur that very week that God destroyed New Orleans. Considering there are large homosexual communities in Seattle, San Francisco and LA that also have parades and such plus euthanasia is legal in Oregon wouldn’t these places be higher up on the hit list than New Orleans if God is looking for sin cities to execute His wrath upon? Las Vegas, outside of euthanasia, has all the sins of New Orleans and the Left Coast plus legalized prostitution. A dozen mile wide tornadoes or a huge sinkhole should take care of it.

New York City is surely as evil as New Orleans and they only lost a few buildings and three thousand people. An earthquake could have sunk Manhattan by now, don’t you think? I am not sure where the abortion capital of the country is but I would say that it would be high up on the list. Dallas and Houston aren’t exactly havens of righteousness either. Atlanta is just NYC South. Do we even want to get into the sins of Miami and West Palm Beach? I would say that Boston is not guilt free and on the list as well if the list exists. I hear that there is much evil afoot in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Phoenix and Tucson. Actually, I doubt that there isn’t a city in the country that would not be on such a list. Salt Lake City has some evil in it, for sure. The Boise Boogeyman is alive and well and you thought they only had taters. Your best bet is to move out of the cities if you want to survive.

Yes, God took out Sodom and Gomorrah, but He didn’t much of a trace of them. He took out everyone on the planet except eight people in a flood and we have His rainbow as a promise that He won’t do that again. He has used floods and other “acts of God” to help His people when they were in battles. He will use the forces of nature to defeat the Russians when they come up against Israel during the Tribulation. Yet, with all that I am not comfortable saying unequivocally that God took out New Orleans and the rest of the places as an act of judgment.

For one thing, the earth is dying. It fell when man fell and the perfect environmental conditions which allowed dew to be sufficient to water the earth and humans to live hundreds of years is gone. The deterioration started slowly and then picked up speed after the global flood that was aided by the destruction of the canopy of ice above the earth and changed the earth’s position on its axis giving us the tilt we have today.

We are now approaching the last days and the weather patterns are changing and in some ways becoming more severe. Christ predicted earthquakes in diverse places as a matter of fact not that they were specific judgments upon an area. They are part of the judgment already given when Adam sinned. The earth, yea the universe, began dying and like man it is a deterioration unto death, dying ye shall die.

The “controls” are broken, so to speak and the only reason the earth hasn’t already exploded or imploded is the grace of God. By Him all things consist, are held together, and will do so until He destroys it by fire after the Millennium. Then He will create the new heaven and new earth. During the Millennium, some things will be restored like human longevity, the pacific nature of all animals and the relationship of man with the animals.

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