Summary: In this message we will continue to unpack what it means to go 'all in' in loving God, using Jesus' love for the Father as an example.

Going All In, In Loving Him – part 2

OKAY – today is week 6 in our message series ‘Getting Better, At What Jesus Said Matters Most.’

UNDERSTAND B/S – there is nothing more important in the church and in our lives then, ‘ Getting Better At’…

• Loving God

• Loving our neighbor, and

• Loving ourselves (then being emotionally healthy and spiritually mature)

NOW – I want you to know that I am totally serious about this concept of emotionally healthy spirituality… BECAUSE – the truth is you cannot be spiritually mature without being emotionally healthy.

That is why in early May I will travel to Queens, in New York city to join with 350 other church leaders from around the country to attend a conference with Peter Scazzero about how Emotionally Healthy Spirituality to our church.

I am really pumped up about it because I am convinced that broken people (in our church and in our community) we be made whole!

AND LISTEN – like I said last week we will NEVER STOP ‘pursuing’ getting better at what Jesus says matters most, because the truth is…

THAT IT’S UPON – these 3 things commandments that all the law and the prophets hinge.

AND BECAUSE – getting better at them is the doorway to living the life God always intended that you live.

OKAY… here’s the deal.

There were dreams, thoughts, and intentions…

There was A LIFE that God had in mind when He breathed life into your body, and as He began forming you in your mother’s womb (1 cell from your mom and 1 cell from your dad),

A LIFE – of freedom, joy, contentment, purpose, satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment.


A LIFE - that far too many people who claim Jesus and walk through the doors of the church, leave this earth without ever experiencing in all it’s fullness.

AND – the reason why, is because between you and that life is a door…

A closed door, that is a barrier, that is separating you from that life… BUT YET – it is always just beyond that door.

NOW – the good news is that this door has 3 hinges on it that will allow it to swing open freely…


• Loving God, is the top hinge

• Loving yourself, if the middle hinge

• Loving your neighbor, is the bottom hinge

OKAY – here’s the deal.

AND LISTEN – this deal is for real…

Getting Better at loving God (as you should), loving your neighbor (as He intends) and loving yourself (as He commands)… IS – the doorway to the life you always wanted to live! SO – I said last week, let’s just keep working those hinges…

TURN – right/left, and say… “Let’s work those hinges”

NOW – we spent the first 3 weeks of this series talking about the middle hinge… “the commandment of Jesus for you , to love yourself.” AND – in those 3 weeks you learned that to love yourself, to work that middle hinge, you must…

• Plunge The Depths Of The Father’s Love

• Push Through Insecurity

• Accept That You Loving Yourself Is Essential Not Selfish

• Go Back In Order To Move Forward

• Use 1 Corinthians 13 As A Template For Loving Yourself

• Let God’s Approval Become Your Validation

AND UNDERSTAND – it is my intent to remind you of these 6 things again and again, again… to burn them into your heart and your mind… SO THAT – anytime you find yourself feeling bad about ‘you’, all you need to do is pull one of those bad boys out… and execute it, apply it… GET IT?

AND THEN – in week 4 we begin to talk about that top hinge, getting better at loving God, in a conversation where I tried to make the case that God is worthy of your love because…

God is GREAT and God is GOOD

AND LAST – as we continued working that top hinge…

we began unpacking a conversation called,

“Going All In, In Loving Him”

A conversation about falling for, about falling in love with God.

AND - we said that…

Going All In, In Loving Him

Begins with…

Accepting His Proposal

BEGINS – with saying ‘YES” to the star breathing, ocean holding, universe creating God’s extravagant proposal.

ONE – of the questions we discussed in Life Groups this week was to discuss some of the awesome proposals we heard of or experienced it…

I shared about one I read about in Bob Goff’s (fun to read book, Love Does)… in chapter called “Ryan in Love.”

• Bob and His wife live in a home right on the water, near a path that people often walk on… Well on day a guy named Ryan walks up from the path to where Bob was sitting on his bad porch.

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