Summary: People are not living close to God anymore.


A) Imagine the stir when Jesus announced to the crowd, “Unless you eat My flesh and drink

My blood you will not possess eternal life!”

* Now, the day before, on the other side of the lake, Jesus had taken a boy’s lunch and fed 5000

men, and the disciples had picked up twelve baskets full of leftovers.

* The crowd was impressed … In fact, they intended to make Him King by force.

* But Jesus slipped away by Himself into a mountain alone.

B) The disciples that evening got a boat and began to make their way to Capernaum, on the

other side of the lake!

* That night, Jesus met His disciples in the middle of the lake and immediately, they arrived at

their destination. * When the crowds found Jesus, they wanted to know how He got there.

* They had come to the conclusion that it was physically impossible.

* Jesus cuts through their small talk and immediately begins to criticize their narrow outlook on

life … And I can easily visualize the exchange.

C) “You are looking for Me because you get free meals and entertainment!”

* “Life is bigger than that … Why don’t you spend your energy on things that matter for eternity.”

* “Sure,” they say, “Whatever, just tell us what to do.” * And Jesus says, “Believe in Me.”

* “OK, but just to be sure, give us a miracle so we know that You’re really the right guy … Moses

gave the people manna in the desert … Can You do something like that?”

D) “You guys are always thinking of food … I’ll tell you something about food!”

* “It only satisfies temporarily … God has sent a loaf of bread from heaven that when you eat it

once, it lasts forever.” * “OK, forget the miracle … Give us this special bread instead.”

* “It’s Me … I’m the bread that’s eternal … I came down from heaven to accomplish the mission

given to Me by My Father.”

E) Now the Jews who had known Jesus from His childhood began to mumble among themselves!

* “This guy is not from heaven … His mom and dad are our neighbors … We know where He

grew up … From heaven? … Right!” * And Jesus replied …….

* “I tell you the truth … I am the bread from heaven … Unless you eat My Flesh and drink My

blood, eternal life is not a possibility for you.”

* This exchange between the crowds and Jesus marked the end of His popularity, and His large

following became much smaller. (v.66)

F) I mean, the idea of eating human flesh and drinking blood is both shocking and repulsive!

* So they “went back and walked no more with Him!” * Many are doing just that today!

* I mentioned this morning in my first point that “America is going away from God!”

* Homosexuality … Same sex marriage … Abortion … (When the life of a dog means more than

the life of a baby, something is definitely wrong with the priority of America)


A) Do you know that churches today are ordaining queers and lesbians into the ministry?

* Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, who was elected June 18, 2006, as the new leader of the U.S.

Episcopal Church, said she (quote) “believed homosexuality was no sin …….”

* “And that homosexuals were created by God to love people of the same gender.”

B) Modern science has clearly rejected and been unable to prove that anyone is “born gay!”

* IT IS A CHOICE … People choose to engage in homosexual behavior!

* Like all sin, once you do it long enough, it may seem natural, but it’s still a choice.

* You are born black or white … You are born with blue eyes or green eyes … You are born male

or female … Taking off your pants to have sex is a CHOICE!

C) To have a church that accepts this sinful choice … To have a ministerial body that ordains

people into the clergy who makes this choice …….

* You must reject the inspiration, inerrancy, and authority of God’s Word.

* Having a church that accepts those who make the choice to engage in homosexual behavior is the

same thing as having a church that would accept those who make the choice to commit adultery.

* How popular would that church be?

D) It makes me sick every time that I hear of a church that accepts homosexuality as an

acceptable sexual choice …….

* And even more sick when I hear of a denomination or ministerial organizations that accepts

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