Summary: We need to always consider where we are going and what we are doing when it comes to our spiritual life.

I. Introduction

To understand how we relate to this scripture we must first understand who David is.

A. David is seen as a son(son of Jesse)

B. David is seen as a servant(servant of Jesse)

C. David receives instruction from his Father

II.David was Going

A. David left early in the morning showing haste

1. There was no procrastination in doing the work of his father.

B. He left the sheep with the shepherd.

1. He left who he was behind

2. He left the cares behind

C. He took and went as his father commanded

1. He took what his dad told him to

2. He left with it

III. David continued to go

A. He left his things with the keeper of supplies

1. We too need to leave our daily concerns with God

B. David ran to the front battle lines

1. We must run into battle and not from it

C. David did as his father commanded

IV. Gone was the enemy

A. David ran and stood over the enemy

1. Stand over the enemy

B. Cut the enemies head off

1. Live a victorious life

V. closing

We see in this story that we are very much like David. When we receive Jesus and his instructions for our life; we are to leave the old life immediately and do what our heavenly father has commanded us to do. When we go farther with God(our heavenly father) we need to learn to give our daily concerns and cares over to God. This means we need to trust Him as a child trusts his parents. The thing that we need to be concerned with is fighting the good fight of faith and running into the battle as our father has commanded us to do. We see from point four the effects of doing what God has commanded us is us having a victorious life.

VI. Closing Prayer

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