Summary: Like the Wise Men, all who seek for the Savior and find Him will go home another way.


I. The Magi were the priestly cast among the followers of 6th century BC prophet,Zoroaster.

2.) Their god was Ahura Mazda

3.) Zoroaster said: “God will never be known unless he reveals himself in human form.”

4.) The Magi:

(a) came seeking...they went home having found.

(b) they came as Zoroastrians...worshippers of Ahura Mazda...they went home as worshippers of Jesus Christ. They came as ambassadors of Ahura Mazda...they went home as missionaries of Jehovah.

(c) they came not knowing the Scriptures...

they went home knowing them. “And thou Bethlehem...” and finding the Word incarnate.

(d) they came following a star...they went home having found the bright and morning star—Jesus.

(e) they came giving gifts...they went home having received the greatest gift of all.

(f) they came anticipating...they went home fulfilled.

Yes. All who seek after and find Jesus, will go home another way indeed!

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