Summary: A sermon introducing people to awesomeness of God.

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Stand outside the Sanctuary with the doors closed.

Today we are going to be talking about God. This months theme is called Dive. Today I am going to call all you to a higher level of Christianity. Today I am going to introduce you the God that you claim to serve.

Open the doors with a fling and proclaim, “Welcome of the House of GOD! Please enter in silence and fear for we are going to meet the Holy of Holies, I AM THAT I AM.

– Read the story about Moses and the burning bush

– Read the story about Moses and the glory of the Lord

– Read the story about the dedication of the Temple

– Read Psalm 97

– I would like to ask you to take off you shoes, because the ground you are standing on is holy ground.

– Pray

– Want to raise and issue

– Issue about not taking God seriously enough. People today think that God is a big joke. I watched the Grammy’s the other night, and everybody and their dog who won an award got up on stage and thanked God. Do you think they really mean it? I watched an episode of the Simpsons. Homer gets sent as a missionary and as he is flying out of America he is praying to ‘Jebez’ to help him.

– I want to say today that I am sick of people making a mokery of my God.

– Those passages that I read for you just now were describing MY God.

– If God decided to truly show him self in all of his glory all of us here, in this room would be dead. We couldn’t handle it!

– Take a look at the passages again

– Back in the day people a huge respect for God.

– Moses hid his face from the burning bush because he was afraid.

– People were afraid to mention the name of God because they knew the consequences of that. To say the true name of a god, was to envoke that gods power. It is the same for our God. Why do you think people pray in the name of Christ?

– But now, it’s God this, and God damm that.... people have forgotten. Guy’s it has to stop.

– Talk about having more respect for God

– if in your classes people start talking bad talking God, stand up for Him!

– Talk about being set apart

– talk about how much the Isrealites were set apart

– Talk about making a commitment to follow him more closely

– God you’re my God!

– play song

– God, you’re my God. You’re my God. Some of you may say that, but do you mean it? Do you know what it means when you say, God, you’re my God? (Actually ask question) If you proclaim, "God, you’re my God!" that means you are set apart. When you proclaim, "God, you’re my God!" that means there is the world and there is you, and there is a huge gap in between.

– if you want to make that commitment. Please stand. But I urge you, do not stand unless you mean it. I am standing. Because I am standing I am saying to you that at any time you can come up to me and ask me if I am living a higher level of Christianity.

– If not a Christian explain how

– God coming and making himself mand

– dying etc.

– please stand if you want to make that commitment today.

– pray

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