Summary: A sermon for a new beginning for the church, or a step into a new spiritual depth and walk with Christ

Going Where We have Never Gone Before

Sunday, December 31, 2017

By Rev James May

Is there anyone here who loved to watch Star Trek? I’ve been a fan from the beginning with Captain Kirk. I suppose I’ve seen nearly every episode more than once. Captain Picard, Captain Janway, and on they go. There’s a new version out now but I haven’t had the time or desire to get into that one. The point is that each episode began with the flight of the Starship Enterprise traveling through space at warp speeds and the famous line is, “Going Where No Man Has Gone Before”. Well, obviously someone had gone there, at least in their mind, or there would have been no story to tell.

On this last Sunday of 2017, I sense that the Lord is trying to tell us something is changing in our midst. No, it’s not a new exploration of outer space, nor is it a change in the path that all men are taking in fulfilling the prophetic word of God. God’s Word marches on toward its fulfilment relentlessly. Not one “jot or tittle” of the written word will fail to come to pass and no man, no prayer of the church, no amount of faith can keep that from happening.

However, where the world goes in fulfilling God’s word is not what I want to speak of this morning. I want to speak about where the church is going, and what can change, and what will change in the role that the church will play in these last days. I want to speak about how each of us can become a powerful agent of change to bring about the fulfillment of God’s word in these last days as well.

What is coming more clearly into focus every day is that the separation between the ways of the world, and of compromising churches; and the ways of churches that remain true to the paths of righteousness and holiness is going to be very different.

The world, and those who compromise to please the standards that the world expects, are headed down a path to the gates of hell and the wrath of God. They are traveling headlong into the time of the Tribulation because men are blinded by sin and being led by Satan’s deception into their own destruction. With each passing day they go deeper into sin, going into the depths of sin and depravity than any system of government has gone before. They are following their Father, the Devil, into a place of ever-growing darkness from which there will be no turning back.

On the other hand, the true church must take, and is taking a path that leads us into a deeper relationship with Jesus; into a closer walk in his presence; into a brighter Light of Revelation; and into a heightened sense of discernment concerning the will of God and where he wants to lead us.

The church that follows Christ ever closer, must go, and is going into a depth of the supernatural realm of God that the church has never gone before, and those who do not go there will find themselves left behind to wonder what’s happening and why am I not a part of it?

There are great days ahead; days of seeing and being used by God in the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit with a greater anointing and power of God to see miracles, signs and wonders in the earth. I believe the church is going to experience the full impact of what Jesus meant when he made the promise in John 14:12, when he said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”

I was led to the Book of Joshua for this morning to give a message from the Lord to the church that is leaving behind the things of the past and moving on into a new place in Christ!

• If you want to be a part of what God will do in these last days among his people;

• If you want to be used in a greater supernatural way and allow the manifestations of the Holy Spirit in your life to become a greater reality;

• If you want to be on forefront of the battle against the forces of darkness and take down strongholds of the enemy;

• If you want to be used, and to borrow a phrase from the US Army, “be all you can be” in God’s army, then this message is for you.

This is God’s call to go where you’ve never gone before so prepare yourself for what may be called a hyper-jump in the Spiritual realm; for traveling by warp speed into a move of God that will take you into uncharted places in your walk with the Lord.

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