Summary: Your present season may seem like the fiery furnace of the 3 Hebrew boys, but look around for your golden connection!

GOD can connect you with anyone, anywhere within 24 hrs. HE knows where you live & HE is fully aware of every human being on this planet. I am telling you this because I want you all to know that no relationship is insignificant in your life. For it is through these relationships that GOD creates your “Golden Connections”.

“Golden Connections” are those people who become Divine Bridges that enable you to exit from one season & enter into your next season of blessing. In the scripture referenced above, the butler was a connection for Joseph to personally meet Pharaoh & interpret his dream. “Golden Connections” don’t take them for granted.

GOD is committed to the completion of your assignment here on earth. So therefore don’t walk or turn away from the people or situations that GOD is bringing before you. Remember that GOD is not some cut-rate magician! He is the Master & Creator of the universe. HE is the All knowing, All Powerful GOD & before HIM there is no other.

Psalm 138 says, “The LORD will perfect that which concerneth me”. Rest assured that GOD knows what HIS plans are for you & the out come.

In Philippians, Paul says “Being confident of this very thing, that HE which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of JESUS CHRIST.” What does this mean?

· It means this: we may always be confident God will perform his good work, in every soul wherein he has really begun it by regeneration; The work of grace will never be perfected till the day of Jesus Christ, the day of his appearance. So, as long as we are on this side, GOD will be setting up Golden Connections for us.

Why do we need Golden Connections? —Because you would not succeed without them. GOD planned it that way. HE wanted us to know & bond with one another. Have you read I Cor. 12:21? The WORD says, “The eye cannot say unto the hand, I have no need of thee: nor again the head to the feet, I have no need of you.” In this scripture Paul is describing how each of us fit together. Our relationships with one another increases us. It multiplies our strength!

Eph. 4:16 says: “ From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.” So here we see that Golden Connections make an increase of our brotherly love for one another.

· Another reason why we need Golden Connections—GOD wants to bless you!! And one of HIS ways of doing so is to place someone in your life. Sometimes it is someone that we are to be helpers of, other times they are there to help us. Either way GOD is using this opportunity to sharpen your spirit of discernment & increase your love for the saints of GOD.

So everyday, look for your Golden Connection. Expect them & be swift to respond to them.

Now that you understand about these Golden Connections, let me give you a few pointers about them:

1. Your Golden Connection may not be outwardly appealing.

GOD uses burlap sacks to carry HIS gold bars of blessings!! The camels of Abraham may not have been appealing, but they carried the wealth of the patriarch! When Rebecca agreed to water the camels, she was fitted to her Golden Connection in Isaac, her wealthy husband-to-be! Jephthah was the son of a harlot! He was thrown out from his family, yet he became a great leader of the Hebrew people and he was the Golden Connection that brought about the deliverance of GOD’s people!

2. Do not reject a Golden Connection because it does not meet your qualifications!

Let me explain: The butler may not have been received by Joseph as a best friend, but he was Joseph’s golden connection to pharaoh. The Apostle Paul didn’t want to be shipwrecked on the island of Melita, but GOD used this as a Divine Connection for Paul with the leader of the island, Publius. Publius’ father was healed through Paul’s ministry. These are all Divine Connections that were scheduled by GOD.

3. Crisis always brings good people together.

Expect to find gold in every fiery furnace of your life! Friendships are often formed through disasters & tragedies. I read somewhere once that you are just 4 people away from any human on earth. This means that you know someone, who knows another person, who knows a third person, who is connected to anyone you could possibly meet on earth, leaders of nations, CEOs of corporations, etc. GOD can get anyone to you anywhere, anytime!

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