Summary: Everything about Jesus and what he has done for us is a message of Good news. Jesus has brought us good news in our prayer lives because of what he had done on the cross.

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MATTHEW 7:7 – 11


1.) For several weeks we have been looking at the good news of a relationship with Jesus Christ.

2.) Some of the best news that ever came from the lips of our Saviour concerns our privilege that we have of entering into communion and dialogue with the heavenly Father.

3.) Jesus taught repeatedly that it is possible for people to communicate with the Eternal God in prayer.

A.) Today, I want us to look at the good news of being able to talk to God in prayer because of what was accomplished for man by Jesus Christ.


1.) Before we came to Christ there was a barrier between us and God.

A.) That barrier was sin.

aa.) When we were in the unforgiveness of our sins, we were unholy; we and unworthy of any of the blessings from God Almighty.

ab.) A few weeks ago, I had said that other than a man seeking God and a relationship with Him, there is no indication from Scripture that God will answer any other prayer of a sinner.

ac.) Even Jesus when he hung from the cross was unworthy of fellowship with God.

aca.) At that moment, Jesus was carrying every sin of every person who had ever been on this world, or ever would be.

aca-1.) For those hours on the cross, Jesus hung between heaven and earth as the vilest most wicked man that had ever walked on the face of this planet.

aca-2.) I say that because on the cross Jesus bore in his body the penalty for every sin that the entire human race would ever commit.

acb.) For that reason, the abiding presence of God could not rest in and upon Jesus while He on the cross.

acc.) For the first, the last, and the only time ever Jesus could not be in fellowship with God.

acc-1.) Carrying the shame, guilt and unholiness of all the world Jesus experienced pain beyond what we could ever imagine when he cried out to heaven: “ My God, My God, Why have you forsaken me.”

acc-2.) That hopeless and lonely prayer of Jesus on the cross is the expression of every sinful person on this planet

apart from knowing forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

acc-3.) In that state there is no access to the throne of God.

B.) But the good news for all of mankind, is that on that day dying on the cross, Jesus completely removed the barrier between us and God, and through Himself, has brought us peace.

ba.) Rom. 5:1-2

2.) Today, instead of a barrier we now can have a relationship.

A.) You may wonder if I am ever getting to the actual topic of Good news in Prayer, but this is that good news.

aa.) We have the good news that we can go to God in prayer, and that God will hear our prayers because of Jesus the Christ.

B.) When we pray to God, the Bible tells us that we are to pray in Jesus’s name.

ba.) He is the one who made it possible for us to go to God in prayer.

baa.) Apart from what Christ had accomplished on the cross, we could never approach God and expect anything but judgment from his hand, because of our wickedness.

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