Summary: The Joy of Christmas


Luke 2:1-52


A. Psalm 16:11 - "In Your presence is fullness of JOY..."

B. Psalm 51:12 - "Restore to me the JOY of your salvation"

C. Jeremiah 15:16 - "Your Words ..were my JOY and my heart’s delight"

D. Luke 15:7 - "There is more JOY in heaven over one sinner that repents, than over 99 just

people who need no repentance."

E. Romans 15:13 - " May the God of hope fill you with all JOY and peace as you trust in


F. I Peter 1:8 - "You believe in Him and are filled with inexpressible and glorious JOY"

I. THE BIRTH OF THE BABY. (vv. 1-20)

A. The Decree of the king. (vv. 1-4)

1. The Ruler = Caesar Augustus = Octavian

* Effeminate

* Established "PAX ROMANA" - 30 BC to 15 AD

* Galatians 4:6 - "In the fullness of time..";

* During the Roman Peace, God sent the Prince of Peace

* God works in spite of human rulers.

2. The Registration = Census

* Quirinius was governing Syria, 8-6 BC.

* Herod the Great required the Jews to register in their ancestral home instead of their


* "Bethlehem" = "House of bread"; birth place of the "Bread of Life"

3. The Relationship of Joseph to David.

* Jeremiah 33:14-17 - "..David will never fail to have a man to sit on the throne.."

B. The Delivery of the baby. (vv. 5-7)

* "Pledged to be married"

* "Expecting a child"

* Isaiah 7:14 - "The virgin will be with child...will call Him Immanuel.

* "Firstborn" (v. 7) = inheritance

* "Savior" (v. 11) = redemption

* "Christ" (v. 11) = Messiah

* "Lord" (v 11) = authority

C. The Declaration of the angels. (vv. 8-14)

1. The multitude (all of them) of angels. (v.13)

* Revelation 5:11 - 10,000 was highest number for that time.

* "Host" = army, proclaiming peace

2. The message delivered by the angels.

* "Don’t be afraid"

* "Good news"

* "for all people"

* "a Savior has been born"

* "on earth peace to men"

+ Isaiah 57:20-21

+ Romans 5:1

D. The Discovery of the Shepherds. (vv. 15-20)

* Shepherds were despised.

* Shepherds were considered unclean.

* Shepherds were considered so unreliable that they were not allowed to testify in court.

* "Manger" = feeding trough in a cave.

* All sacrificial flocks were raised in Bethlehem.

* JESUS was born where all sacrificial lambs were born, & JESUS died were all sacrificial lambs died.

* How fitting that Shepherds would be the first visitors to the one known as the:

+ "GOOD SHEPHERD" (John 10:11)

+ "GREAT SHEPHERD" (Hebrews 13:20), &

+ "CHIEF SHEPHERD" (I Peter 5:4)


A. JESUS fulfilled the Law of Moses. (vv. 21-24)

1. His circumcision (v. 21)

* "On the eighth day as prescribed by Jewish Law. (Leviticus 12:3)

* Circumcision was the sign of God covenant with Abraham. (Genesis 17)

* He was officially named JESUS as the angel had instructed.

2. His consecration (vv. 22-24)

* "the time" - 41 days after His birth.

* their sacrifice, "a pair of doves", was an indication of their poverty. (Leviticus 12:8)

B. JESUS fulfilled the longing of Simeon & Anna (vv. 25-38)

1. Simeon: (vv. 25-35)

* His character.

+ He was righteous & devout.

+ "The Holy Spirit was upon him."

* His confidence.

+ He was waiting for the "consolation of Israel" - the hope of the Messiah

+ "It had been revealed to him..."

+ He was "moved by the Spirit..."

* His chorus. 4 themes:

+ Sovereignty -God is well able to keep His promises

+ Salvation - Prepared for ALL people

+ Sign - The virgin birth is a sign of God’s promises to Israel.

+ Suffering - A prophesy of Mary’s anguish at JESUS’ crucifixion.

2. Anna. (vv.36-38)

* Her designation

+ Her name means "Grace"

+ a "prophetess" + "very old" + a "widow"

* Her dedication

+ She never left the Temple

+ She worshiped night & day.

+ She fasted & prayed.

* Her declaration

+ She gave thanks.

+ She declared JESUS as the redeemer


"I must be about My Father’s business"

A. The business of JESUS was rooted in His spiritual development. (vv. 39-40)

B. The business of JESUS was revealed in His unusual discussions in the Temple. (vv. 41-50)

C. The business of JESUS was reflected in His own personal dedication. (vv. 51-52)

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