Summary: It was always in the plan of God that Jesus would be presented as a King. The problem with the kingship of Jesus was that God’s King and Man’s King were not necessarily the same thing.


Luke 19:28-44


1.) Jesus was recognized as king at the time of his conception.

A.) Luke 1:31-33

B.) Observe if you will these statements from the angel Gabriel to Mary, the future mother of Jesus:

ba.)”The Lord will give Him the throne of His father, David.”

bb.) “He will reign over the house of Jacob forever.”

bc.) His kingdom will never cease.”

2.) Jesus was identified as the king of the Jews at the time of his birth.

A.) Matt. 2:1-8

3.) Jesus came into this world when there was already a “King of the Jews.”

A.) Caesar Augustus (we also know him as Octavius, or Octavion)had claimed that title for himself. .

aa.) For anyone else who was not authorized to wear that title it was considered to be a Capital offence against Rome punishable by death.

B.) As the exclusive owner of that title, Augustus in turn bestowed the honour of that title on Herod the Great.

ba.) The Problem with that, was that Herod the Great was not a Jew, but an Idumean.

bb.) Like the Jewish people, the Idumeans were descendants of Abraham.

bba.) The Jewish people would have descended from Isaac’s son Jacob.

bbb.) The Idumean people would have descended from Isaac’s son Essau.

bbc.) They themselves were not Jews, but would have felt they were part of the promise of God to Abraham.

bbc-1.) The Jews on the other hand would not have readily accepted them.

C.) Herod had to do whatever he could do in order to maintain his dynasty, and kingdom.

ca.) He had already had all of the genealogical records in the archives at Seppheris destroyed so that no true Jew could ever come and lay claim to his throne, and take away his cherished title and position

“The King of the Jews.”

cb.) So with the announcement of the magi seeking the one who was born “King of the Jews” Herod the Great felt that to keep his throne and dynasty, that the “Rightful King of the Jews” had to be destroyed.

cba.) Matt. 2:3-8;16-18


When Jesus came into this world he came to bring good news of himself as the spiritual king, but most of the people could not understand his message and mission until after the cross.

1.) The Jewish people had at one point tried to force Jesus to become their king.

A.) John 6:14-15

aa.) Jesus had performed a tremendous miracle in the feeding of the 5,000.

aaa.) Because of this powerful miracle, the people concluded (and I must add correctly) that Jesus was in fact the prophet like unto Moses.

B.) If we were to look at that passage of Scripture, we would see the motivation for making Jesus King was that he had just filled their bellies with food.

ba.) It wasn’t so much what they had seen in Jesus, but that he had been their meal ticket.

baa.) John 6:26-27

bb.) The problem in seeking Jesus as King was their motivation, and reasons in their desires to make him their king.

bc.) Their kingship vision in Jesus was not for an intimate relationship with God, but rather to have him as a meal ticked when their stomachs would growl and grumble.

2.) At times, the Apostles kind of clued in to His Kingship.

A.) Matt.16:16-17

B.) Peter had made that great statement of faith which Jesus spoke of as a revelation from heaven, but then his next breath showed that he only partially got, it and had still pretty much missed the message of Jesus.

3.) Most of the time, even the Apostles of Christ were looking for a physical king.

A.) In the midst of the ministry of Jesus they were arguing about greatness.

aa.) Mark 9:33-34

B.) James and John and their mother sought special favours from Jesus in his kingdom when it would be established.

ba.) Matt. 20:20-22

bb.) When we look at the various accounts of Scripture, it would seem that Salome the mother of James and John, was probably the sister of Mary, and therefore Jesus’ aunt.

bba.) So, in this passage of Scripture it seems that she is asking a special favour of Jesus on that basis of being family, and deserving special privilege in his kingdom.

bc.) The other apostles were greatly angered by the requests of James and John and their mother.

bca.) Yet in as much as they were angry with these men for what they had done, their real anger was they James and John had beaten them to the punch with Jesus.

bcb.) The spoken requests of these two men was also the unspoken requests for themselves of each of the other ten apostles.

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