Summary: This is the final sermon in the series looking at the book of Titus and how we all, young and old, should live a life of example that follows the Scriptural guidelines, and how it all revolves around the grace of God

Grace and Me

Titus 2:11-14

This is our final study in the series Short and Sweet

And this morning we are looking at the book of Titus

This letter was written by Paul and the recipient was Titus

A young pastor facing the assignment of setting in order the churches on the island of Crete

It was written about AD 64 around the same time as I Timothy

Probably from Macedonia when Paul traveled between his Roman imprisonments

Paul obviously had visited Crete on his way to Ephesus

And upon his departure requested Titus to remain a strengthen the churches that were on this island

The Gospel had spread throughout the island

But there was a great need for someone to “set in order” the things that were wanting

That is where Titus came in

This letter can be basically divided into three parts

Conveniently divided into three chapters

Leadership in the church

Right living in the church

Right living in society

As we begin this letter Paul wastes no time with Titus

The people of Crete were well known as being not exactly of a good reputation

They were known as liars, evil brutes and lazy gluttons

As we read in 1:12

Paul starts the letter off by stating the fact that God cannot lie

Apparently Paul was using this fact as a springboard into how Titus had to choose from among these Cretans some godly men in order to fill the positions of elder, or overseer

Which is what we call today - pastor

This passage is very often used during ordination services

Lets look at verses 6-9

Leadership in the church is very important

As your chosen leader I must live up to a high standard

I’m kind of like Hebrew National hot dogs

I answer to a higher authority

I found this article telling of the perfect pastor

After hundreds of years, a model preacher has been found to suit everyone

He preaches exactly 20 minutes and then sits down

He condemns sin but never hurts anyone

He works from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

In every type of work from preaching to custodial service

He makes $60.00 a week

Wears good clothes, buys books regularly

Has a nice family, drives a good car and gives $100 a week to the church

He also stands ready to contribute to every good work that comes along

He Is 26 years old and has been preaching for 30 years

He is tall and short, thin and heavy set, and handsome

He has one brown eye and one blue

Hair parted in the middle, left side dark and straight, the right, brown and wavy

He has a burning desire to work with teenagers and spends all his time with older folk

He smiles all the time with a straight face

Because he has a sense of humor that keeps him seriously dedicated to his work

He makes 15 calls a day on the church members

Spends all his time evangelizing the un-churched

And is never out of his office.

Notice as we look closely at verse 6-9 how most of the qualifications involve character

Not knowledge or skill

A person’s lifestyle and relationships provide a window into his or her character

It is important to have leaders who can effectively preach God’s Word

But it is even more important to have leaders who can live out God’s Word and be examples for others to follow

That’s a lot of pressure on me and my family

We do answer to a higher authority

We need to live lives of example for this church

And we are lousy at it

At least I am

Being a sinner, I cannot be a perfect example

No pastor can

But part of surrendering to the ministry is opening yourself up to scrutiny

And placing your whole life on display

Not only to your church, but to the community as well

It’s a tough job

And I pray that we can live up to the task

But we are to live a life of example

Have you noticed a difference in the salute given by our military men and women as President Bush walks by?

Most folks would not notice anything, but those who have served in the military see it right away

Next time just watch for this

As President Bush leaves his helicopter or Air Force One, the honor guard will salute–first facing the President as he disembarks, turning to face him as he passes by, and then turning again to salute the President’s back as he walks away

Though it is a customary courtesy to the Commander-in-Chief, this kind of salute has not been seen for a long time.

Why? Soldiers aren’t required to turn and face the President as they salute, nor to salute his back

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