Summary: Maybe it is time to go past the tithe and the concept of grace giving to giving till it hurts.

Luke 21:1-6

Proposition: You must give to it hurts!

From time to time there arises a debate over giving a tithe or give as grace encourages you to give. I believe the tithe is the minimum so if by grace you can and want to give ninety percent like R. G. LeTourneau go right ahead, but grace would not give less than ten percent. If ten percent bothers you maybe we should consider living giving.

Some time ago I read a quote by a Communist. He said. “We Communists will win because we give all for our cause. We live off of only what we absolutely need and give the rest for the cause. You Christians are not willing to dirty your hands.” He has a point. We quibble over ten percent and live far beyond being content with food and clothing as Paul says should be all we need to be content. We all could live on less and give more.

I. The Amount Given is not the Important Thing! 1-2

A. The rich had plenty to show! 1

Gifts for the temple and poor, also as an honor to God. Magis

B. The widow had nothing to show. 2

Jesus and the tax, David would offer that which would cost him nothing.

II. The Amount Kept is the Important Thing! 3-4

A. The Rich Gave of Their Excess! 3

Compare family with luxury car, large diamond ring and indoor swimming pool with LeTourneau and brethren living in persecution. Luke 17:10 – useless servants

B. The Widow Gave It All! 4

Proverbs 11:24, 13:7 Cultists and false religions like Mormons and Buddhists sacrifice more than many Western born-again Christians. They and the Communists are more zealous.

III. How You Spend Is Important! 5-6

A. Practicality not looks! 5

Once the difference in cost making a Cadillac versus an Impala was minimal, but the Cadillac

was far more expensive. Church buildings, pews, etc. A missionary came to a church needing $50,000 for a bombed out building in France to build a church and we were sitting

on $50,000 pews that were really not that fancy so why so expensive?

B. Remember the Bonfire! 6

Compare the Queen Elizabeth how she was furnished during the war and at peace. We are in

spiritual warfare. Keep it simple.

Scripture reading – Acts 2:44-47 Bulletin: Exodus 35:4,5; 36:3-6

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