Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: You need to INCREASE, make PROGRESS, SUCCESSFUL and PROSPEROUS in every aspect of your life and your surrounding (Family, School, Community and Workplace). Begin to EVALUATE yourself, then try to determine what HINDERS you in making PROGRESS. Then ELIM

Did you know that the UNIVERSE is still EXPANDING? Science proves it! But we will not focus here. If you want to know why, RESEARCH!

When God said, “Let there be LIGHT”. There was LIGHT! And that LIGHT is still EXPANDING. Kolb and Turner wrote, “Since the UNIVERSE has a finite age, and LIGHT travels at a finite speed, there may be events in the past whose LIGHT has not had time to reach us.” There were EVENTS HAPPENED for millions of years until the LIGHT had reached us. Angels have already existed for millions of years. Remember, God our CREATOR existed before the Universe existed.

During the “CREATION WEEK” God created plant life, the “FLORA” on the 3rd day. In the 1st chapter of the Book of Genesis, verse 11, notice that God created “SEED” bearing plants in order for them to become FRUITFUL, to MULTIPLY, according to their various kind. Then animal life, the “FAUNA” on the 5th and 6th day. In the same chapter, verses 22 and 25, notice that God’s Will for them is to REPRODUCE more and more, to MULTIPLY and INCREASE in number. Then God saw that it was GOOD, according to the scripture. In the Good News Translation, I like the way it says, “He was PLEASED with what He saw.” The CREATOR of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE was PLEASED when He saw the MULTIPLICATION of His own CREATION here on EARTH! God’s WILL from the foundations of the world is MULTIPLICATION!

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” In other words “Let us make GODLY MEN.” God was actually REPRODUCING HIMSELF by His OWN IMAGE! Image comes from hebrew word, "tselem" w/c means, we have the ability to know things, to make decisions, and to discern. The key word is, EMOTION, INTELLECT and WILL. Note in John 1:1, “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God.” The name, “the WORD,” is translated from the original Greek text w/c literally means, “SPOKESMAN”. Notice, that the One SPEAKING during the CREATION WEEK was Jesus Christ Himself! Jesus Christ revealed this when He was MADE FLESH, “WHATEVER I SAY is just what the Father has TOLD ME TO SAY (John 12:50, NIV).” It means that Jesus SPOKE ONLY as the Father directed. Now, let’s go back to the CREATION of HUMAN. Jesus was saying, “Let us make HUMAN in our IMAGE, to be LIKE OURSELVES." Wow, what a wonderful REVELATION! We, HUMAN, were CREATED in the LIKENESS of our Lord Jesus Christ! Therefore we also have the MIND OF CHRIST! Remember, He was PLEASED when He saw that His CREATION is INCREASING! The MIND of CHRIST is MULTIPLICATION! We, being CREATED in the LIKENESS of CHRIST should be, “INCREASE MINDED.”As the Apostle Paul says, “Let this MIND be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.(Philippians 2:5)… for we have the MIND OF CHRIST! (1 Corinthians 2:16).”

Going to the Book of Exodus, in the 1st Chapter, the Israelites MULTIPLIED so quickly that they soon FILLED the land. Pharaoh was intimidated! Pharaoh, the new king after Joseph died, is a TYPE of the DEVIL! Pharaoh might be TREMBLING in TERROR because the CHILDREN OF GOD were INCREASING SO FAST. Pharaoh commanded the SLAVE DRIVERS, w/c pictures the “TORMENTING DEMONS” to AFFLICT them w/ HEAVY BURDENS in order to OPPRESS them. But the MORE they OPPRESSED them, the MORE they MULTIPLIED and INCREASED in NUMBER. But Joseph was died! Joseph was in the HIGHEST POSITION when he was alive. The Israelites were living in ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY when Joseph was alive. The Israelites might THOUGHT, “Oh, Joseph was gone, we have no more connection. No more BACK UP. What should we do now?” But no, they didn’t rely to their BACK UP, they STOOD in the PROMISE of God to Abraham. And now that we belong to CHRIST, we are the true CHILDREN ("SEED") of ABRAHAM and an HEIR according to the PROMISE (Galatians 3:29). They were living according to the COVENANT of God to their ancestor ABRAHAM. God PROMISED according to the scripture, “Your DESCENDANTS, "SEED" will be… Too MANY to count …I Will MULTIPLY your "SEED" into countless MILLIONS.” So, is it clear now that the WILL of God is MULTIPLICATION? No matter what the Devil had done, it doesn’t CHANGE the WILL of God. The Devil has DECIEVED HUMANITY and caused us to DISOBEY GOD. CURSE is the result of DISOBEDIENCE to God. These curses were listed in the Book of Genesis, chapter 3. Such as, WAR, INTENSE PAIN/SUFFERING/SORROW, HEAVY or PAINFUL toil, etc… These curses had resulted to DISEASE, DEPRESSION, DEFEAT, DIVISION, DISCRIMINATION, DECREASE, and DESTRUCTION. To sum it up... DEATH! It is very OPPOSITE to the Will of God. But wait! I often heard pastors saying, DIVISION for MULTIPLICATION! That’s it, it doesn’t matter how the Devil try to DESTROY the Body of Christ! Let’s start DECLARING, “As for me, my COVENANT w/ God is INCREASE!”

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