Summary: Based on what we’ve seen in God’s grace; our motivation ought to be clear: There is richness in God’s Grace; There is independence in God’s Grace; and There is real freedom found in God’s Grace. Will we share what we have with others in need?

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Grace Produces Independence and Freedom

Grace Sermon Series, Part 6

Ephesians 2:4-7


- God’s grace produces tangible results in our lives

-- It gives us peace for the future and hope to stand firm during trials

-- God has given us His grace as proof of His concern and love for His own

- When we see the results of grace we become strengthened

-- It’s why we can face an uncertain future without fear of the unknown

-- Sure, we may be uncertain in situations; but God is STILL God

-- He is where our hope comes from, and where our focus must be

- Remember: Grace is His benevolence to the undeserving (you and me)

- Sometimes it is hard to know who to admire more:

-- The grace of the Benefactor or the richness of the gifts He gives us

-- Let’s consider this morning – the richness of Divine grace

- Read Ephesians 3:14-19

- Pray

∆ Point 1 – Richness in the Grace of God

- Ponder for moment God’s richness as it is poured out on you and me

-- His love is without limits, and continues to shine down on us daily (v4)

- It is an exhaustless stream of love and mercy that only God could deliver

-- Consider this: If God’s love could end – would He really be all powerful?

-- NO! God’s love (as it is promised) will never end because of who He is

-- APP: This includes His grace, which is the vehicle of His love demonstrated

- Grace flows to even the most unworthy of the human race

-- All life has value regardless of how we might view it (v5)

-- It is by the grace of God that we (ALL) are made alive and free today

- Corrie Ten Boom (Dutch Christian who, along with her father and other family members, helped many Jews escape the Nazi Holocaust during World War II and was imprisoned for her actions) said, “The measure of a life, after all, is not its duration, but its donation.”

- IMP: It flows undiminished and able to lift up even the most troubled heart

-- “God is love” is not a catch phrase: it is the source of the grace we receive

-- The love of God is found only in Christ; who has given us all we will need

- John 15:13, “Greater love has no man than this - that he lay down his life for a friend”

-- Soldiers live by this statement today; it’s a creed of honor

-- Jesus exemplified it fully, willingly submitting to the Father’s order

- The richness of God is not monetary; but found in forgiveness from Him

-- This is what sets God’s love apart from all others: It is His outpouring

-- It is a constant flow that delivers more than our wallets could imagine

- TRANS: Because of this richness, we are truly independent … and free!

∆ Point 2 – Independence in God’s Grace

- Read v6:

• We have been raised up with Christ

o We are elevated above the struggles and the trials

• We have been seated with Him

o Commoners do not sit with Kings

• We have been placed in the heavenly realms

o It’s a promise of a future for those who follow Christ

- APP: These three items are all promises from God of his deliverance of us

-- They are not trivial items; but cornerstones of faith for the Christian

- These are ACTIVE terms of these words which shows ongoing process

• He raised us up

• He seated us with Him

• Where? In the heavenly realms in Christ

-- APP: This means all that we desire, all that we need, is found IN Christ

- FACT: Independence is not found on our own; but in the Savior

-- This is what has decreed in this passage; it’s always been about Christ

- Talked last week: the “yes” is in Him; the “Amen” is our agreement

-- 2 Cor 1:20, “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are "Yes" in Christ. And so through him the "Amen" is spoken by us to the glory of God.”

- The “yes” is Christ bestowing on us God’s grace; the Amen is our praise of it!

-- It is why we are able to stand and be free; to be independent; b/c of Christ

-- APP: We are seated with Him because of His sacrifice and our submission

- TRANS: But in order to gain independence, we’ve got to act!

∆ Point 3 – Action is required for God’s Grace

- In the end we must value grace as seen through the eyes of God

-- APP: We must see others as God sees them; it’s “Discipleship 101”

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