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Summary: Twelve men were sent out to “spy out “the land of Canaan. The land that God promised them the land and they only had to go and process it.

Grapes, Giants, Grasshoppers and God ………Numbers 13:17-13:33

Twelve men were sent out to “spy out “the land of Canaan. The land that God promised them the land and they only had to go and process it.(verses 1-17) When they got there ten of the men saw problems and had a bad report to delivery but the two others saw the possibilities and returned with a good report. It’s a story of unbelief and of Faith. Read the text!

When we endeavor to enter into what God has planned for us, we must maintain our focus. It may not seem like it but if you are Saved, Sanctified filled with the Holy Ghost and on fire for the Lord you are either right where God wants you to be or headed there. We are called (As the 12 were) to check out this land and determine if it is good or bad (verses 17-20)

While living here you need to recognize three things….

See the Grapes... v 23-24 & 27-30

What a country God has provided for his people!

They collected the fruit of the land as proof the promise of God that the land was fertile. A single cluster of grapes was so big that it had to be carried by two men on a staff! These grapes indicate the faithfulness of God. Caleb says “Let us go and possess it” not “Let us go up and conquer it.” When we stand on the promises of God he will fight all the battles. He says “we are able to overcome it” Do you see the grapes of God’s promises right where you live? Do you see opportunities or obstacles? You can overcome them all!

There will be Giants…will you be Grasshoppers? v 27-29 & 31-33

What a conflicting views of the country

It never ceases to amaze me how different people perceive a situation. Ten men allow the giants to give them a distorted of the promise and of themselves even thought things are as God said they would be. God said it was flowing with milk and honey and it was. When the promises of God are revealed we must have faith even when we see other obstacles. They see themselves as small because the opposition is mammoth. There negative communication caused faithlessness in the camp. (Chapter 14) In your life, even when the giants are real….

Remember God….v 1-17 Ch 14:8

What a comfort from God

His word is true. His promises are everlasting. When God is pleased with us, he will provide for us. We may be grasshoppers and our foes might be giants but the opportunities that God gives us are great. The same God who affords us those opportunities is more than able to give us the victory! We must never leave God out of the equation.....if you feel like a grasshopper.....and your opposition looks like giants..... Remember the grapes and remember God . God is an all-powerful God....and if he leads us.....if he wills us to do something.....their is nothing that can hinder it from happening.....there are not enough demons in hell to keep us from accomplishing God’s will for our lives.....if we are faithful to him !

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