Summary: A sermon that encourages us to walk through the doors that God has for us to enter.

The distinctive call of God.

Grasping the handle on the door that God wants you to open.


There is the doorway of your playcentre or Kindergarten where you enter the world of education and socialisation with your peers on a large scale.

There is the doorway - or in the rural scene - the gateway of your first job where you now are responsible for providing for your own needs.

There is the door to the University or Polytech where you might register for your course.

There is the door of your first car where you are now free to drive without having to say are we there yet/ to some responsible adult.

What about the doorway of the church where you make vows to commit your life to be linked foras long as you both live to one person -

All of these doorways open for us great possibilities and close the door on a much more limited range of options that we previously were experiencing.

Some years ago I remember reading in the paper that a woman had been found in New York whose parents had kept her in the house for 34 years. I don’t remember the full details but how tragic that this woman missed the doorway of education - the doorway of career and all the other doorways that a young woman could expect - all removed because of her parents fears or tyranny.

The truth is God opens for us doors as well - For example for most of us worshipping here today we have walked through the doorway of faith -

Jesus said - in Luke 11 verse 10 So I say to you; Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

By this Jesus is referring to the wonderful opportunity each one of us have before us to accept God’s offer of forgiveness through Jesus Christ. By receiving him as saviour and lord we come into the inheritance of forgiveness from sins that is so important. sadly many fail to take the opportunity to walk through this door. There are cobwebs over the door and it is unused from birth to death.

so from the time of a persons death we might imagine Jesus standing at the door of the persons life knocking inviting them to come in and to receive their full spiritual inheriatance. By the time the person is ninety years of age jesus still stands patiently at the door of the persons life but we can imagine that door now still firmly closed - paint peeling from it cobwevbs all over it the latch weatherbeaten and rusty but the door still firmly closed.

But this is not the only door the christian faces in their life - if we can just switch from the image from a door to a gate for a moment then it may be helpful to look at Matthew chapter 7 and bverse 13 - Enter through the narrow gate. for wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. but small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

It has been said that all life concentrates on man at the crossroads.

Having come to the intersection of the cross every one of us must face the intersections that continually present themselves to us - the way of the flesh or the way of God.

It is possible to enter by the way of the cross and then to walk through the wide road of this world which leads to destruction. But if you are one who claims christ as Lord and are walking on that broad way - God will continually provide you with crossroad choices that will take you his way or the worlds.

Moses was such a man.

In Exodus chapter 3 we read about a remarkable turning point in his life a time when God clearly calls him to pass through a small gate and to walk a narrow path for the rest of his days - this is not a, go for a while, then take a free trip to Mayfair card at some point - this is a call to a long and arduous journey that leads eventually to death and Moses is faced with a choice.

Let’s look for a moment at Moses Curriculum Vitae.

Firstly he was an exile - He had been bought up by the royal family of Egypt being saved from death and in return he had murdered an Egyptian and had been in exile ever since.

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