Summary: Are you interested in finding out the reasons, "why you should put your hope in God"?

Great Faith Hopes in God!

Job 13

FCF: Why should I put my hope in God?

PROPOSITION: Because Christ is your Savior, you must hope in Him.

I. God’s wisdom will not fail you! 13:1-12

Job’s disappointment in his friends’ wisdom.

A. Obtain wisdom through silence (1-6).

1. Your knowledge is not superior (1-2).

2. Your counsel is not helpful (3-6).

B. Proclaim folly through speaking (7-12).

1. You are misrepresenting God (7-8).

2. God will judge your partiality (9-11).

II. God’s justice will vindicate you! 13:13-17

Job’s declaration of his course of action by faith.

A. Job claims his own innocence (v.13-15).

1. Job speaks with resolve (13).

2. Job accepts the danger in challenging God (14-15).

B. Job takes his case to the divine Judge (v.16-17).

1. Job believes (knows) deliverance (salvation) is found in God (16).

2. Job exhorts them to listen attentively to his words (17).

III. God’s mercy will prevail for you! 13:18-28

Job’s desire to meet with God.

A. Job’s request for pre-trial conditions (18-22).

1. Job realizes he is in a life-and-death struggle (18-19).

2. Job makes his petitions (20-22).

B. Job’s request to be examined (23-28).

1. Job’s desire for the evidence against him (23).

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