Summary: Our Faith is Like Gold. Precious but needing purification

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Intro- What is faith. Is the heater element hot? Here we have three points of what faith is and hopefully a little deeper.

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1. New Birth- First it is given not earned but by God’s great mercy. Unless Born again God’s power like the wind we don’t always understand it or see it coming.

A. We praise Him For it. Have you said thank you today for what Jesus did? “say, “thank you Jesus for saving me.”

B. Some “NEW” things

1.) start over we have forgiveness and a clean slate

2.) New creation – we are being re-created

a. not a old creation trying to be good

3.) New relationship with God and Love for Him

4.) Only the first step

2. Living Hope- Parallel to road to Emmaus Peter and Cleopas thinking and even telling Jesus that they HOPED Jesus would redeem Israel. Then He appeared to them.

A. The Living Hope is a resurrected hope from dead to


B. While we were dead and out of hope, Jesus appeared to us.

C. Not a far away hope, but an immediate hope from day to day that is alive.

D. Not just fire insurance. It is reconciliation with God (my Dad, we talk more)

3. Inheritance-

A. Never spoils or fades- secure

B. Kept in heaven for you – You are protected not just God saying “I’m sure glad Glenda got saved let me watch and see how she does.” No God is involved “I will NEVER Leave you or forsake you.”

C. Shielded by God’s power. Did you ever have a dream not to go somewhere or go a certain way? Did you ever just not feel right about a situation.

D. God does not grant his inheritance to slaves but only to sons and daughters.

4. Greater than Gold- What is? Your faith.

A. The three points leading up to this were parts of your faith (see it is not just a belief or just a hope)

B. Illustration from Thailand and how it takes repeated attempts.

C. Trials come so your Faith may be proved genuine

1.) Confirm to us what we will do. More to show us what we’re made of. God already knows. Will I go to church? Will I go back to the world? Will I stick with this church because God wants to show me something here even though things are going not as expected or I don’t agree with everything.

2.) Refine our faith- make us more pure less doubt More like Jesus.

3.) This is the process God uses. Sometimes messy

a. VV 8, 9 - The salvation of our souls is not just a one time event.

b. The goal of faith? Salvation of your soul. Salvation is a process a relationship with God and other believers.

c. It is to be revealed and is being revealed.

who here is going through a trial? Suffering grief? God wants to use this if you let him.

Invitation- How many here want to allow God to purify and refine their faith.

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