Summary: this sermon is to encourage the people of God that no matter what you are going thru you still can grow in the midst of the pain

Growing while you are groaning

Judges 6:11 -23

Pretext come from Judges 6:1-6

I want to define two words before I move on with today’s topic real quickly.

1. Groaning is a word define by the English dictionary as making an inarticulate noise or an unusual sound which is cause by Pain or Suffering


2. Growing is another word of the English language which is defined as to increase by natural development or to become wiser and mature by experience

So if we would put those two words together we would come up with the Topic or Title of today’s sermon.

Growing while you are Groaning

The question has to be asked real, real, quickly right here, what does groaning and Growing have to do with Gideon. What does it have to do with Gideon asking questionings to God and putting God thru all sorts of testes? What does Groaning and Growing have to do with me and what I’m going thru today. What does Growing while you are Groaning really mean?

Groaning is an unusual noise that someone or something makes while they are in pain, but wait, without the Groaning you can’t really recognize the pain, and without the pain you can’t recognize your own growth.

Tell your neighbor, Oh Oh, here he Goes

See The noise that you make while you are Groaning is an unusual one, meaning that while you are going thru you are making some type of noise, catch me right here,

but since it’s an unusual type of noise, people can’t really understand that the noise that you are making is really an S.O.S, your Groaning is really nothing but you raising your hand with your voice saying look at me, I’m going Thru and I need help right now. So without the noise, you can’t get no help, and without the help, you wind up missing the outcome of Growing while you are Groaning.

Tell your neighbor: lean back and chill he about to break away

Break that thing down a little bit more for me then preacher. A lot of people or hurting, a lot of people are confuse, A lot of people are broken down, a lot of people or busted and disgusted, a lot of people are undecided what they are going to do, Where they are going to live, and how they are going to get there, A lot of people are having marital problems, a lot of people are thinking about past relationships, but wait they thinking about them in the midst of there marriage.

A lot of people are liars, A lot of people are prideful, but they stunten and faking so hard so everybody can think that they life are peaches and cream but really and truly it stink like a rotten egg, they stunt so hard like every thing is cool like that, and I really believe that they can be up for an academy award for the number 1 stunter, a lot of people are so worried about what somebody going to say about them and their problems, that they are going thru and in the mist of them going thru they are missing God, they missing there help, they missing there deliverance and Now they are so stuck in there lies that they can’t even grow.

Tell your neighbor: I might Groaning but I’m Growing

Have you ever saw somebody like that, they were so embarrass about their problem, that they didn’t even tell nobody, and the outcome was that they never receive any help, for there Groaning

Tell your neighbor: they was stuck

Well if we look at today’s text, we will see one of the most remarkable at the same time the most beneficial story in scripture. This story is often overlook because people focus more on Gideon questioning God and less on the response of God to Gideon. A little past our text, we see the encouraging response that God often gives in the midst of our situations. Most people fell that when you are going thru that It’s wrong to go to God and question him, but who should you go to when you need answers.

Turn to James 1:5-6 God to God and Faith, and you can’t waver

Gideon did just that, Because of Israel’s Sin, every year for Harvest time, when Israel sow their seeds for food, just about when Israel about to get on there feet and reap their harvest, the Midianites come and destroy the land, not just the land but the harvest to. The next year when Israel about to get back on there feet again; the Midianites come and do it again. So now they are starting to get tired of the Midianites so they cry out to the lord. The same time that they were crying, Young Gideon is separating the wheat from the chaff so he can stash something to eat, remember the Midianites always come and take Israel food. Well while he trying to stash something to eat this angel appears to Gideon. (Read v11 - 12)

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