Summary: In this insightful message, you will discover truths from God's Word on why you must guard your heart against bitterness

There are people who are not only bitter with their fellowman, but are equally bitter with God, for one reason or the other. It is important that we understand that bitterness is the work of the devil to make you shift focus from the One who can help you to the one who will hurt you. Bitterness of any kind denies you a better life.

Whatever makes you bitter towards God is determined to take you down in life. When a man is unhappy about the door God has not yet opened, the door that was already opened to him become closed. With a bitter heart, you are sure to lose many good things that God has blessed you with.

There are Christians who serve God in bitterness; they are not happy with God, and they no longer have faith in Him. Their service presently is just out of religiosity, not out of covenant commitment.

Deuteronomy 28:47 – “Because you do not serve God with joyfulness and gladness of heart, therefore thou shall serve thine enemies.”

The man who serves God in bitterness will be exposed to a bitter life. The man who serves God in anger will be exposed to hunger. Nothing brings prosperity and flourishing like joyfulness. The man who serves in anger will be exposed to danger. Not to serve God with joyfulness is to end up slaving before the devil.

Choose to live in joy in this month of June. The reason why what some people have starts dying in their hands is because they refused to be excited that they had it. The blessing you are not excited about will leave you in a hurry. Nothing sustains your testimony like excitement.

There are people who always add “BUT” to their testimonies. This is the reason why God refuses to finish what He started in their life. You commit God with your joyfulness.

Joel 1:12 – “The vine is dried up, the fig tree lanquisheth , all the trees of the field are withered BECAUSE JOY IS WITHERED AWAY FROM THE PEOPLE…”

Your flourishing in life is traceable to your joyfulness. Be happy about God’s little blessings that you enjoy daily. Don’t focus on your losses, focus on your gains. He that is grateful for little, more shall be added.

The reason Joseph didn’t die in prison was because he refused to be a bitter against Potiphar and his wife who threw him in prison. He was such a happy man, such that he was always cheering people up. He saw Pharaoh’s butler and baker in the morning, and he asked them: “Why are you sad this morning? Come let’s settle the matter, so you can be happy.” Joseph was a prisoner, yet he was distributing joy.

Dear friend, the door of the prison will never open for a sad prisoner. Paul and Silas were thrown in prison, but their happiness and joyfulness opened the prison door. The door of the prison can never open for a bitter person.

No prison can keep a man that daily lives in joy. It doesn’t matter where you are now, you can break-out and begin to enjoy a better life by choosing to live in joy.

No matter your experiences, no matter how badly you have been treated, no matter what you are going through – don’t allow it get to your heart. The state of your heart determines your height in life. A man with a heavy heart will certainly be slow in life.

For that man who refuses to be bitter, his destiny cannot be hindered. You bitterness cannot change the past, but your joyfulness will enlarge your future.

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