Summary: A message about the spiritual war that rages against our minds and how God gives us certain resources to fight the corrupt thoughts that assail our minds.

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Guard Your Minds

Introduction: In Dr. David Jeremiah's sermon series “I never thought I would see the day” He depicts a Christian alternative to the popular AMC television series 'Mad Men' from the 1950's. In the last episode we see the ad agency 'Wyndam and Ridgestone' promoting a series of campaign ads designed to change the culture for their latest client, who unbeknownst to them is the devil. Although the agency believes it is a waste of time to try to change the culture they are getting paid well, so they do their best. They ask their client if he likes the campaigns so far and he replies “if this last campaign can convince people to give me control of their minds, I'll be very happy.” They quickly laugh it off, thinking he is joking and a young sharp executive stands up to give his pitch saying “If it is mind over matter, then it is the heart over what matters” A woman steps in and adds “Step beyond what others think possible and indulge in what is permissible.” another consultant says “Time does not stand still, your life is slipping away.” and the final pitch is given when the same executive that began the sales pitch re emerges to say “You'll never know what your missing until you just let go and follow your heart.”

The devil sits silent until the CEO says “Sir, do you have nothing to say?” to which the devil says “There will be a day when everything I wished for will come true, most of you will not be alive to see it happen, but your children and grandchildren will. I guarantee it, I promise you this culture will change to accept my plan, and where will it all start? In the mind. And once I have their minds, I will have their souls.”

The question I have for you is “Who or what are you allowing to shape your mind?” We read from the King James: Proverbs 23:7 “So as he thinketh in his heart, so is he..” If who you are is based primarily on what you think in your hearts then it is vitally important that you Guard Your Minds.

Transition: In this evil age when all kinds of wicked things are assaulting your Christian minds, I want to show you the resources you have to guard your minds and the ramparts that you must build in order to guard your minds, but first let's understand the reason for guarding your mind.

The Reason for guarding your Mind

God, Your flesh and the Devil, all three are at war for your mind. Let me first explain that there is a difference between your mind and your brain. The mind is what thinks, and the brain is what you think with, for example, A piano needs someone to play it. Without someone to play it, the piano won't play. But on the other hand, without a piano, the pianist has no instrument to play. Without a mind the brain can't think and without a brain the mind has nothing to think with.

Whatever a piano player wants to play depends upon their desire, if the pianist wants play praise and worship or classical, jazz or something else.. it all depends upon the heart of the pianist on what the piano plays. The mind controls what the brain thinks. The enemy knows this, and he finds it very useful to him if to corrupt the power behind the brain . . . That is the Mind. And this is where the battlefield is set. The reason for guarding your mind is simple. There is a war for your mind.

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Bill Scott

commented on May 16, 2017


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